Religions of Dune

Throughout ‘Dune,’ there have been many religions that got practiced in the universe. However, with the rise of Paul Atreides’s jihad, most of the beliefs got destroyed by the Fremen.

The Definitive Glossary for Dune

After the Butlerian Jihad, the most prevalent religion came from the Orange Catholic Bible, a book of many faiths from the Old Earth. The Orange Catholic Bible combined religious elements from Islam, Navachristianity, Buddislam, Mahayana, Maometh Saari, and Black Vendatism.

Religions of Dune

List of Religions from the Dune Universe

Fremen Religion

The Fremen religion was a religion widely practiced on Arrakis by the Fremen. The faith got formed on the ways of the Wandering Zensunni, the ancestors of the Fremen. Although the wandering Zensunni practiced a pacifistic religion, the Fremen followed survival and strength.

The book of Kreos was the religious book the Zensunni philosophers used in their teachings, and it got preserved even after the Fremen fundamentally changed the nature of their ancestors. Many elements from the Fremen religion got formed by their environmental factors. The sandworms got seen as Shai-Hulud and Shaitan, good and evil. The Fremen had the Sayyadina, a woman that acted as a spiritual guide. The Sayyadina became a reverend mother by taking the water of life.

After Paul rose to become the emperor, the Fremen started a Jihad that wiped out more than 40 religions throughout the universe. With the Fedaykin as priests, the Fremen spread their religion to every corner of the universe. By the end of the Fremen jihad, the Fremen religion had become the predominant faith in the universe.

The Bene Gesserit Way

The Bene Gesserit got enlightened in many religions of the Imperium; this was because of the Missionaria Protectiva they used to input seeds of religious legends into primitive cultures. The Bene Gesserit believed in the Orange Catholic Bible.

The Bene Gesserit were rooted in education than religion. The matriarchal order defined a specific method that enabled its sisters to become reverend mothers who could access the memories of their female ancestors; this ability got called Other Memory. Another aspect Bene Gesserit focused on was politics. The sisterhood was vested in governing humanity through a breeding program that created the ultimate superhuman, the Kwisatz Haderach.

Sardaukar Religion

Though the Sardaukar were secretive with their faith, evidence showed that they followed the way of warrior-mysticism. Their religious beliefs came to be because of the wandering Zensunni Misr. The Sardaukar’s religion got heavily influenced by Judaism and Islam propagated by the religious institutions Tawrah Collegiate and the Talmudic Zabur. With their religious beliefs, the Sardaukar considered themselves to be superior beings.

Other Religions of Dune

Though they never got detailed, there were many religions in the Dune universe, and a list of them are:

  • The Christian Zionist Pilgrims
  • The Church of Eurasia
  • The New Islambahai Church or the Last Church of Christ
  • Kubebe Worship or Priestesses of Komos
  • Muadru
  • Semitic Tawra
  • Sisters in Isolation
  • Sorceresses of Rossak
  • Tenri Kyo Science in the Galaxy
  • Tenth-Day Adventist Church of Rapide
  • The Terran Orthodox Church of Novebruns Planet
  • Church of the Holy Atta
  • The Church of Selene
  • Ben Kalism in Gangishre
  • The Bhakti Votaries
  • The Congregation of Molitor
  • The Cosmic Charismatic Movement
  • Cult of Serena
  • Cult of Sheeana
  • Cybernetic Reformed Churches
  • The Daughters
  • The Diasporic Council of Rabbis
  • Confucian Statism Astronomical Christianity
  • Baptismal Cosmotheism of Shingon
  • Belt Hypostatical Program
  • Ecumenical Sectarianism
  • First Islam
  • Holy Church
  • Sunni Zen Hekiganshu
  • Zenchristianity
  • Sunislam
  • Third Islamic Movement
  • Vatsyayana Evangelicals
  • Wicca
  • Zenshiite
  • The Nebuloid Dervish Spire
  • The Ray Space Worship
  • The Roman Catholic Episcopal Church
  • The Sacerdotal Hermeticism of Bela Tegeuse
  • Zensufi
  • Baptismal Cosmotheism of Shingon
  • The Episcopalian Methodist Church
  • The Evangelical Missionary Campaign on Position I
  • The Faiths of Beulah
  • The Galacian Orthodox Church
  • The Galactic Spiritual Assembly of Bahais
  • The Great Mother Church
  • The Grummanian Orthodox Establishment
  • The Hasidic Lutherans
  • Hasidislamic Union
  • The Hellenic Orthodox Ecclesia
  • The Hinayana Buddhist Way
  • Ikebana Shaktist Order of Anthos
  • Jain Buddhism
  • The Jainite Foundation
  • Jerusalem Urbanite Citizens of Nework
  • The Jesuitical Evolutionist Church of Chardin
  • The Kubebe Cultists of Komos
  • The Latin Revivalism
  • Lican Universalism
  • Assemblies of Allah
  • Black Vedantism
  • Cathloa Church of Erzulie
  • The Calvinistic Genetical Determinant Elect Body, Incorporated
  • The Cape Separatist Union
  • The Zensunni Wanderers
  • Zoroastrian Dualism of Tupile
  • Catholic Protestant Tribe of Deri
  • The Catholic Zenvestranism
  • Lutheran Amida Worship
  • The Modified Hanuman Church of Siflj
  • The Muadh Quran Faith on Caladan
  • The Talimidic Zabur Followers, Salusa Secundus
  • The Tantric Rhythmists of Richese
  • Taoist Pilgrims in Space
  • The Tawrah Collegiate, Salusa Secundus
  • The Tendai Fundamentalist Church
  • The Unitarian Galactic Church
  • The United Church of Rossak
  • Muslim Fideism on the Naraj Worlds
  • The Navachristian Church of Chusuk
  • The Servants of Light
  • Socratic Christianity, IV Anbus
  • The Neomaimomdist Rabbirate
  • New Philadelphia Friends Yearly Meeting
  • The Ommanean Variationists (Reformed)
  • The Orange Protestant Army of True Believers
  • The Ortho-Catholic Circle of Sigma Draconis
  • Orthodox Gregorianism
  • Palislam
  • Panafrican Reformed Churches in Union
  • the pervasive obeah ritual
  • The Ramakrishna Gospel Mission to Biarek
  • Solarian Centrism
  • The Buddhist Pali Movement
  • The Buddislamic Christian Church of Sikun
  • The Buddislamic Jain Faith of Lankiveil
  • Space Baptism, Poritrin
  • The Stellar Deist Watchmen of Ix
  • Sugislamic Congregationailists of Tupali
  • The Sunni Orange Co-operative, Jaf’r
  • Sunsufism of Kadrish
  • The United Moravian Assembly
  • Universal Hindu Faith, Hagal
  • The Universal Pantheist Religion
  • The Vatsyayana Evangelical Mission, Position III
  • The Visionaries of Los Vivekrishnan
  • Disciples The Vudu Reformed Cult
  • The White Kirk of Maclean
  • Zabulonian Mennonitism
  • Zen Baptism
  • The Zen Hekiganshu Faith of Delta Pavonis
  • Zenshintoism
  • Lutheran Catholic United Church
  • The Mahayana Buddhist Union
  • The Mahayana Christianity of Enfeil
  • The Mahayana Lankavatara Friends of Truth
  • Zensunni Catholic Amalgamation
  • Navachristianity
  • Obeah ritual

Vocabulary Terms Associated with Religions of Dune

Here is a list of terms related to Dune:

  1. Misr: The Misr are the people who fled from Nilotic al-Ourouba to become the Zensunni ancestors of the Fremen and Sardaukar.
  2. Truthsense: Truthsense refers to the ability to be able to detect falsehood.


What happened to the religions of Dune?

When Paul became the emperor of the universe, he started a jihad that led to eliminating all religions that opposed his. During Leto II’s reign, there was one God, the emperor.

Did Paul die in Dune?

After walking into the desert blind, Paul resurfaces as a preacher in ‘Children of Dune.’ He got killed by Alia’s priests for blasphemy.

What is the Orange Catholic Bible in Dune?

The Orange Catholic Bible is a religious book used after the Butlerian jihad. The book contains religious texts from every religion present in the Old Earth. From Christianity to Islam, Zensunni Catholicism, and Buddislam, the Orange Catholic Bible served as the standard for all beliefs.

What are some quotes from the Orange Catholic Bible?

Some quotes from the Orange Catholic Bible are:
The Universe is God’s. It is one thing, a wholeness against which all separations may be identified. Transient life, even that self-aware and reasoning life which we call sentient, holds only fragile trusteeship on any portion of the wholeness.”
Much that was called religion has carried an unconscious attitude of hostility toward life. True religion must teach that life is filled with joys pleasing to the eye of God, that knowledge without action is empty. All men must see that the teaching of religion by rules and rote is largely a hoax. The proper teaching is recognized with ease. You can know it without fail because it awakens within you that sensation which tells you this is something you’ve always known.

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