The Lasgun was a weapon that got used in the Imperium. It was a weapon that shot continuous-wave lasers at a target.

The Definitive Glossary for Dune

Throughout the Dune universe, weapons like Lasguns got used. However, the guns used by the militaries of the Dune universe were different from those used in the Old Earth. The Lasgun came into existence after the Butlerian Jihad.

Lasgun in Dune

Lasgun Definition

The Lasgun is a 90 centimeter-long weapon that fired lasbeams at an enemy target. Being the primary firing weapon for most armies in the Imperium, many variations of the Lasgun got created. The Lasgun had a firing range of 225 meters and was best in far combat. However, the weapon could never get used against a shield as the resulting explosion when a lasbeam hit a shield was nuclear.

The Relevance of the Lasgun in the Dune Universe

The Lasgun was a primary weapon used by the armies of the Imperium. From the Great Houses to the Minor Houses, the Lasgun was a tool that got used in wars and conflicts. The Sardaukar used a Lasgun as their primary firing weapon because it had a wide range of destruction.

The Lasgun was extremely dangerous when it got used against a shield. Because it produced continuous waves, when combined with the force field from a shield, the resulting explosion was a nuclear blast that killed everything within a certain radius. Though the weapon was handy and destructive, many soldiers of the Imperium preferred using knives and swords in combat.

Over time, the Lasgun’s relevance waned as more incredible fighting techniques emerged from later armies like the Fish Speakers and the Honored Matres. During the days of Leto II Atreides, there was little relevance for weapons like the Lasgun because the God-emperor had successfully become the single most powerful entity in all of the Empire.

Description of the Lasgun

The Lasgun is a weapon that weighs over four kilograms and reaches a length of up to 90 centimeters. With a wide range of about 225 meters, the Lasgun was considered a long-ranged weapon. The Lasgun fired 100 pulses per charge and had 100 charged cells. Typical types of shots fired were pulse-fire, arc-fire, and full-burn. Each fire type had a limit to the destructive force of the pulse emitted.

There were also different models of the Lasgun, including the laser pistol, Lasrifle, and Lascannon.

Glossary Terms Associated with Lasgun

Here is a list of words associated with Lasgun:

  1. Laser pistol: The laser pistol is a miniature version of the Lasgun. It held smaller rounds and had a smaller destructive force than the Lasgun.
  2. Lasrifle: The Lasrifle was a lengthier version of the Lasgun. It had a longer length but did not necessarily produce a better explosion than the Lasgun.
  3. Lascannon: The Lascannon was the bulkiest and the most destructive iteration of the Lasgun. The Lascannon got used as an antiaircraft weapon because it produced bigger lasbeams.


What is a lasgun in Dune?

A lasgun is a weapon that shoots continuous-wave lasers. The lasgun is a long and heavy tool used by many armies of the Landsraad. From the Sardaukar to Harkonnen, the lasgun was a favored weapon among the military of the Great Houses. The gun held a round of 100 charges that could fire 100 pulses per cell. Though the lasgun was an effective weapon, more primitive technology like swords got used on the battlefield. The lasgun had a range of about 200 meters and created an explosive force that ensured certain death to a victim. There were different variations of the lasgun, including the lasrifle, lascannon, and laser pistol.

What happens when a lasgun hits a shield?

Though the lasgun could destroy targets from a far range, it never got used against a shield. When a lasbeam got shot at a shield, a nuclear explosion that killed anyone close to the gunfire occurred. The Great convention prevented using atomic weapons on humans, and the resulting explosion from the combination of a lasbeam and a shield violated that law. However, the firing of a lasbeam against a shield would result in the death of its shooter.

What is a lascannon in Dune?

A lascannon is a more destructive type of lasgun. The lascannon was massive and produced a lasbeam bigger than a traditional lasgun. The lascannon got used as an antiaircraft weapon. The Lascannon got used in destroying a large force of soldiers as it created bigger lasbeams.

How does the lasgun work?

The lasgun is a device that uses the same technology as laser weapons. The lasgun used a small capacitor to generate power that created a focused laser beam that moved at extremely high speed. The lasgun’s beams were powerful enough to remove a human hand. Another use of the lasgun was in the cauterization of wounds on the battlefield.

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