A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol Characters

Part of the joy of Dickens is his ability to create larger-than-life characters. ‘A Christmas Carol’ is no exception, especially in the case of Scrooge.

A Christmas Carol Historical Context

‘A Christmas Carol’ was written in 1843, a time of much inequality in Victorian England. There was a very definite wealth divide between the classes.

A Christmas Carol Plot Summary

‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens is a well-loved Victorian novel abut the importance of the Christmas spirit.

A Christmas Carol Quotes

‘A Christmas Carol’ is a widely studied book filled with memorable quotes. These cover themes like wealth, poverty, Christmas, and kindness.

A Christmas Carol Review

Given its age, it is fair to say that for many readers, ‘A Christmas Carol’ is not just a pick-up and read affair. The language can be challenging.

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