Alice Walker and Anti-Semitism

The question of Anti-Semitism occurs in many controversies about Alice Walker. This article tries to see why she is viewed in such light and what she thinks about it.

Alice Walker

African-American Novelist, Poet, and Activist

Anti-Semitism is the hate of and discrimination against Israeli people and race. Alice Walker has been severely called an anti-Semite. This article will look at some of the reasons why Alice Walker was alleged to be an anti-semite and Walker’s reaction to the allegation.

Controversies Alluding to Alice Walker’s Alleged Support for Anti-Semitism

Some controversies allude to Alice Walker allegedly supporting anti-Semitism. Alice Walker’s open condemnation of the actions of the Israeli government in the Israeli-Palestinian feud, as well as her admiration of the works of the conspiracy theorist David Icke are instances of these controversies. Interestingly, Alice Walker was once married to a Jewish man, which makes her association with anti-Semitism somewhat ironic. Here are some of Alice Walker’s publicly acknowledged reactions to issues concerning Israel and Jews.

Alice Walker refused to have her novels translated to Hebrew and sold in Israel

Alice Walker’s most famous novel The Color Purple has been translated into several languages and sold globally. However, Alice Walker declined the distribution of ‘The Color Purple’ in Israel and its translation into Hebrew. The reason she gave for this decision was that the government of Israel practices apartheid and that she would not permit her works to be sold in their country until they stop promoting oppression and hatred in their policies and actions.

Her Admiration and Acclaim of David Icke’s Works

Alice Walker openly admits admiration for the writings and works of the self-acclaimed conspiracy theorist David Icke. David Icke is a writer and ex-footballer from England whose writings push a narrative that Israelites and Jews are shape-shifting extragalactic beings who oppress the people of the earth. Icke, in his works, also doubted the veracity of the Holocaust.

Alice Walker acclaims David Icke’s works as a ‘’feast for the imagination’’ and says his works are some of her favorite books. This admittance led to an uproar by critics who believe David Icke’s works are anti-semitic. But Alice Walker remains unapologetic in her admiration of Icke’s writing and claims that people who find his writing anti-semitic are either people who have never read his works or people who refuse to read his works intelligently.

David Icke is currently listed on Alice Walker’s official website, where she shares videos and interviews of Icke explaining his theories and views.

Her vehement stance to never visit Israel

Alice Walker has said in many interviews that as a way of protesting and showing her condemnation of Israeli policies regarding Palestine, she would never visit Israel.

In her 2011 TEDx Talk captioned ‘’How I Learned to Grow a Global Heart’’, she admits to spending about nine hours in Israel, where she was detained and interrogated by an Israeli officer about her condemnation of the Israeli government and her decision never to visit Israel. And according to her, she had told the officer that she was still firm in her decision never to visit Israel and was not in Israel by choice but only because she had to go through Israel to get to her destination, which was Palestine.

Her Pro-Palestinian Activism in the Israeli-Palestinian Feud

Alice Walker’s stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is that Israel has no right to invade Palestinian territory, that Palestinian people are the rightful owners of Gaza, and that Israel should surrender the territory back to Palestine.

Alice Walker has been speaking out and condemning the suffering of the people of Palestine, especially children, and wishes she can alleviate their suffering. In her words about the children of Palestine:

It is justice and respect that I want to dust off and put –without delay and with tenderness—back on the head of the Palestinian child. It will be imperfect justice and respect because the injustice and disrespect has been so severe. But I believe we are right to try.

Alice Walker

Alice Walker’s Reaction to Allegations of Antisemitism

Alice Walker denies being an anti-Semite. She responds that it is a dangerous trend to accuse one of Anti-Semitism whenever one speaks against what she terms the ”bad actions” of the Israeli Government. However, she maintains that she does not care what term people associate with her as far as she continues to do what she believes is right.

She has David Icke on her official website and continues to advocate for Palestinians in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


What are Alice Walker’s beliefs?

Alice Walker’s political belief is racial and gender equality and the empowerment and appreciation of the black woman who is often placed at a disadvantage by a racist and patriarchal society.
On religion, she believes in love, connecting to the spirit realm through meditation, and finding beauty in nature. Although she practices some Buddhist meditations and agrees with some of their beliefs, Alice Walker does not identify with any organized religion. She calls herself a free spirit.

Where is Alice Walker now?

Alice Walker currently lives in California, USA, in a secluded property surrounded by gardens.

Why is Alice Walker important in History?

Alice Walker is important in history because she is the archetype of an African-American woman from a lowly background who has used her gift and creativity to advocate for women and for the black race. She also made a mark in history as the first African-American woman to win a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.
Her award-winning novel ‘The Color Purple’ continues to be relevant in racial and gender conversations around the globe since its publication.

What are some fun facts about Alice Walker?

One fun fact about Alice Walker is that she loves flowers and gardening. Another fun fact about Alice Walker is her alternate sexuality. Alice Walker is bi-sexual, and although she refuses to be described by that exact term, she admits to being a free woman who is open to romantic and sexual relationships with either men or fellow women.

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