To the Lighthouse

'To the Lighthouse' by Virginia Woolf explores the life of the Ramsays, and Lily Briscoe, among others. It is widely regarded as a pioneer work in modernism.

To the Lighthouse Best Quotes 💬

In ‘To the Lighthouse’, Virginia Woolf utilizes the power of knowledge, love, multi-perspectivism, and subjectivity to tell the story of the Ramsays and the lighthouse.

To the Lighthouse Review ⭐

‘To the Lighthouse’ by Virginia Woolf is an experimental piece of western literature that melds modernist styles like stream-of-consciousness and interior monologue.

To the Lighthouse Historical Context 📖

Virginia Woolf’s book, ‘To the Lighthouse’, was released in 1927. It is among her most successful and approachable experiments in the form of stream-of-consciousness.

To the Lighthouse Themes and Analysis 📖

Virginia Woolf explores a myriad of themes in ‘To the Lighthouse’, including subjects like Time, Idealism, Realism, Art, the transient nature of reality, and Love.

To the Lighthouse Character List 📖

The Ramsays of ‘To the Lighthouse’ is a large family with an enormous social circle, among other significant characters crafted by Virginia Woolf.

To the Lighthouse Summary 📖

Virginia Woolf centers ‘To the Lighthouse’ around the Ramsays’ and the lighthouse as a metaphor for the passage of time, escapism, familial allegiances, and intergender conflicts.