The Shining

'The Shining' by Stephen King follows the Torrance family after they move into the isolated Overlook Hotel for the winter season.

The Shining Review ⭐

‘The Shining’ is a must-read classic of the psychological horror genre. First published in 1977, the novel solidified Stephen King’s legacy as one of the most skilled authors of his generation.

The Shining Film Adaption 🎥

‘The Shining’ is a 1977 novel written by the “master of horror” Stephen King. It was his third published novel and helped to solidify his career. The book was adapted into a well-loved film in 1980 by famous horror director, Stanley Kubrick. 

The Shining Summary 📖

‘The Shining’ was Stephen King’s third novel and the first that brought him public acclaim. It was published in 1977.

The Shining Character List 📖

‘The Shining’ by Stephen King is a novel filled with richly complex characters. These include the three central characters and supernatural entities.

The Shining Best Quotes 💬

‘The Shining’ by Stephen King is filled with memorable quotations, many of which convey Jack Torrance’s is rapidly declining mental state.