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Stephen King’s ‘Pet Sematary’ features a few of the most memorable characters in any King novel— Louis Creed and the family cat, Church. Both have pivotal roles to play in the novel. 

Pet Sematary

Stephen King

The book is a chilling horror novel published in 1983. It’s considered to be one of King’s best novels and has been adapted into two films. In ‘Pet Sematary,’ readers will encounter the Creed family, neighbors, work colleagues, and the family’s cat, all of whom have roles to play in the tragedy that is revealed as the novel progresses. 

Dr. Louis Creed

Dr. Louis Creed is a central character in Stephen King’s ‘Pet Sematary.’ He is a husband and father of two who has recently moved his family from Chicago to the rural town of Ludlow, Maine. As a doctor of medicine, he works at a local hospital and often puts in long hours to provide for his family. He loves his family more than anything and is willing to do anything to protect them. He’s married to Rachel, and the two have a boy, Gage, and a girl, Rachel.

Throughout the novel, Louis is quickly surrounded by death. From early on in the novel, Louis is forced to contend with the shocking death of a student under his care and, while his family is away, the death of their cat, Church, who is hit by a car on the highway near their home. 

After being persuaded by Jud Crandall to accompany him into the woods and bury Church in a specific place, he realizes that the pet cemetery and the nearby Indian burial ground hold terrifying powers. 

This decision leads to catastrophic consequences, as Louis’s own son, Gage, ends up becoming a victim of the same fate. As the story progresses, Louis is faced with some difficult choices that ultimately have devastating repercussions for both himself and his family. 

One of the key moments in the novel occurs when Louis decides to bury his son Gage in the ancient burial ground near his home. He is faced with an unbearable sense of guilt as he carries out this heartbreaking task while also realizing that his actions will likely lead to further tragedy down the line. He is forced into a number of terrible and difficult decisions throughout the novel.


Rachel Creed

Rachel Creed is the wife of Louis Creed and mother to Gage and Ellie. She is a loving wife and devoted mother who, despite her fear of death, wants to provide a better life for her family than they could in Chicago.

Rachel’s motivations center around protecting her family from harm, even if it means sacrificing her own well-being. As a character, she is strong, resilient, and determined. One of the key moments from her past that drives her is the death of her sister, who was under her care when she was only a child. The horrifying images of her sister wasting away from spinal meningitis haunt her and inform her fear of death. 

Ultimately, Rachel’s story ends on a tragic note when she is killed by Gage after he comes back from the dead. Louis carries her to the burial ground, hoping a timely burial will have a better result. She returns at the end of the novel, but her ultimate fate is not revealed. 

Ellie Creed

Ellie Creed is the daughter of Louis and Rachel Creed. She’s very young throughout the novel and struggles to understand what’s going on around her. She’s curious about death and would be, Louis knows, heartbroken over the loss of Church. 

Gage Creed

Gage Creed is the son of Louis and Rachel Creed. He’s very young and is sadly hit by a speeding truck after running into the road near their home. His death leads to Louis’ fateful decision to bury Gage in the same graveyard as he previously buried Church, knowing that he would come back from the dead. 

Gage returns, but he is seemingly possessed by an evil spirit, something that drives him to murder both Jud Crandall and his mother, Rachel. Louis is forced to give his son a morphine injection and ends his reign of terror. 

Jud Crandall

Jud Crandall is an elderly neighbor who has lived in Ludlow for a long time. He’s a friendly and wise character who serves as a father figure to the main character, Dr. Louis Creed. 

As an experienced member of the town, Jud provides guidance and knowledge about the cemetery and the many horrible events centered around it. 

He reluctantly introduces Louis to the ancient burial ground, warning him of the consequences of resurrecting the dead. Though he tries to prevent Louis from making a mistake, Louis follows his own path regardless. Jud meets an untimely demise when he is killed by Gage, Louis’ resurrected son.

Victor Pascow

Victor Pascow is a student whose life is cut short in the story of ‘Pet Sematary.’ He dies after Louis starts his new job and falls under Louis’ care. Louis encounters Pascal’s spirit in a dream or perhaps in a waking vision and is horrified by what he sees. 


Church is the family cat of the Creeds in Stephen King’s ‘Pet Sematary.’ He is a seemingly normal orange tabby that loves lounging around and cuddling with Louis and Rachel Creed and their children. He serves as a constant source of comfort and companionship to the family throughout their stay in Ludlow, Maine. 

Unfortunately, Church meets an untimely death after being hit by a truck on the highway near the Creed’s home. In an attempt to bring Church back from the dead, Jud advises Louis to bury him in the mystical “pet sematary” near their home. 

The next morning, Louis awakens to find Church standing outside, seemingly alive and well. Although Church has come back from the dead, he is not quite the same as before. Church has become fiercely territorial and aggressive, attacking Rachel when she tries to get close to him. In the end, Louis is forced to put Church down for good due to his new behavior.


Who is the protagonist in Pet Sematary

The protagonist is Louis Creed. He’s a father and husband who cares deeply for his family. He makes a series of poor choices while trying to protect them. 

What is the conflict in Pet Sematary

The main conflict comes from trying to outsmart and avoid death. Every time a living being is buried in the cemetery, something terrible happens. 

Who is the antagonist in Pet Sematary

The main antagonist is Gage after he is resurrected. Although he’s just a young boy, the cemetery has seemingly imbued him with an unnatural strength and incredible cruelty that compels him to harm those around him. 

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