Water for Elephants

'Water for Elephants' by Sara Gruen is a novel about the thrills and travails of life in the traveling circus during the Great Depression in America.

Water for Elephants Review ⭐

‘Water for Elephants’ by Sara Gruen brings the circus world of a past era to life. The brilliant plot of the novel is one in a host of pros and cons for readers

Water for Elephants Quotes 💬

Sara Grue in her matter-of-fact depiction of ‘Water for Elephants’, gives us a few quotes to note in this circus story.

Water for Elephants Themes and Analysis 📖

Animal Rights is the most prominent theme in ‘Water for Elephants’ along with love, old age, and others. This article analyzes the literary devices in this Sara Gruen classic.

Water for Elephants Character List 📖

The characterization of ‘Water for Elephants’ is pleasantly unusual because of its inclusion of animals with great personalities. Explore these characters here.

Water for Elephants Summary 📖

‘Water for Elephants’ is told from an old man’s flashback to the circus of the 1930s. A young veterinarian falls in love with the wife of an abusive equestrian.