I Am Legend

Matheson's third book, 'I Am Legend' was initially promoted as science fiction. Although released in 1954 as a dystopian novel, the story occurred in 1976. Robert Neville

I Am Legend Quotes 💬

Two of the most prominent themes in ‘I Am Legend’ are: hope and loneliness. Richard Matheson presents some quotes that back up this mixture of human emotions.

I Am Legend Character List 📖

‘I Am Legend’ is a dystopian horror novel that offers only a few characters who assist in pushing Richard Matheson’s apocalyptic storyline to a satisfactory end.

I Am Legend Historical Context 📖

‘I Am Legend’ was written sometime in the 1950s during the Cold War era when the United States and the Soviet Union fought some wars against one another.

I Am Legend Review ⭐

‘I Am Legend’ is an excellent novel that exposes Richard Matheson’s idea of an apocalypse and the effect it would have on someone fortunate to survive it.

I Am Legend Themes and Analysis 📖

Richard Matheson utilizes a set of themes that can be examined when analyzing ‘I Am Legend.’ Some of them include loneliness, science, survival, and violence.

I Am Legend Summary 📖

‘I Am Legend’ follows Robert Neville, the only survivor of a worldwide plague that wipes out the rest of humanity. In this new world, he learns to thrive.