Slaughterhouse-Five Quotes

Throughout Slaughterhouse-Five, readers can find numerous compelling quotes about war, time, free will, and what’s in store for the human race in the future.

Slaughterhouse-Five Summary

‘Slaughterhouse-Five’ by Kurt Vonnegut is a famous anti-war novel that follows Billy Pilgrim as he explores themes of free will and time.

Slaughterhouse-Five Character List

The wide array of characters in Slaughterhouse-Five help tell Billy Pilgrim’s story. They are all there to support his narrative and help define the different periods of his life.

Kurt Vonnegut Best Quotes

On this list, readers can find a few of Kurt Vonnegut’s best quotes, scattered through four of his most famous novels.

Kurt Vonnegut’s Best Books

In these Kurt Vonnegut books, readers will encounter the theme of free will, discussions of the American political system, aliens, interstellar travel, and more.

Animal Farm Review

George Orwell’s novel ‘Animal Farm’ opens with Old Major’s dream for a free world of animals. He shares his dream with the animals on the farm.

Animal Farm Quotes

In ‘Animal Farm’ George Orwell tries to picture an ideal socialist nation through the image of Russia’s failed socialism. From the Pigs to the Horse to the smallest of the animals are used to explain his ideology.

Animal Farm Characters List

George Orwell wrote ‘Animal Farm’ to express his critical perspective on Socialism, Dictatorship, and Totalitarian based on his observation of the Russian Revolution.

The Hobbit Important Quotes

Throughout ‘The Hobbit,’ J.R.R. Tolkien crafts a story of adventure, bravery, heroism, greed, and loss.