The Silmarillion

Although Tolkien started working on the stories that became 'The Silmarillion' as early as 1914, the book remained unpublished until four years after his death.

The Silmarillion Review ⭐

The author tells the history of Middle Earth by inventing stories that portray real-life issues. ‘The Silmarillion’ recounts the story of Arda by high-fantasy means.

The Silmarillion Historical Context 📖

‘The Silmarillion’ is widely regarded as one of the most influential fantasy books ever written. It was published in 1977 and initially gained poor reception.

The Silmarillion Character List 📖

In ‘The Silmarillion,’ J.R.R. Tolkien creates a tableau of characters that bring the story to life. Creatures like dragons and elves are present in the book.

The Silmarillion Quotes 💬

‘The Silmarillion’ is filled with engrossing quotes that spice up the story and back up its themes of myth, arrogance, valour, death, joy, and sadness.

The Silmarillion Summary 📖

‘The Silmarillion’ by Tolkien chronicles the music of the Ainur, the creation of the world through it, and the strife and death caused by the arrogance of Melkor.