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‘The Invisible Man’ by H.G. Wells is a novella that contains a few memorable characters. Since it’s rather short, having a clear knowledge of the primary characters is relatively easy. 

The Invisible Man

H.G. Wells

The main character of the novel, Griffin, also serves as the novel’s protagonist. He goes from misguided, curious science student to murderer over the space of the novel’s pages, a transformation that makes more sense as one considers the mental deterioration Griffin suffers after becoming invisible. 

Major Characters in The Invisible Man

Griffin – The Invisible Man (also known as “The Stranger”)

Griffin is the main character and antagonist of the novel. He’s a scientist and college student who was born with albinism. He became interested in the refractive indexes of tissues. He spends his time studying formulas that could possibly render human tissue invisible. Griffin tests out his formula on himself, thinking only of the ways he could use his invisibility to entertain himself and gain wealth (and not considering the consequences). 

Unfortunately for him, his formula does work, and he’s rendered invisible. This is something that he works to remedy throughout the novella and which eventually drives him to madness and a life of crime.

Throughout the novel, he’s selfish and cruel. He only cares about what science can bring him monetarily and fame-wise. Rather than using his brilliance for good, he uses it to further his own selfish desires. He does everything from set buildings on fire to rob and murder. 

Thomas Marvel 

A man who spends most of his time by himself and lives on the street. Griffin meets the man in a field and threatens him into helping him steal money and retrieve his belongings. Marvel is not used to having someone who seems to be cleverer and more cunning than he is. But he outwits him and keeps the money he steals. 

Dr. Kemp

Dr. Kemp is a scientist who overestimates his own abilities. He believes himself to be just as intelligent and unique as the most important scientists of his age. He also thinks he’s a perfect, moral citizen of society. 

He turns against Griffin when he hears that the young man is planning to use invisibility to steal and kill, and Griffin fights back, planning to kill the man. He is integral in Griffin’s eventual death at the end of the novel. 

Minor Characters in The Invisible Man

There are a few other characters that serve only minor roles in the novel: 

  • Colonel Adye – A police officer who is killed by Griffin while helping Kemp capture him.
  • Black-bearded Man – The man who shoots Griffin after he gets Marvel out of the Jolly Cricketers. 
  • Fearenside – A delivery man who brings Griffin his luggage. 
  • Silas Durgan – A theologian in Iping. 
  • Cuss – The general practitioner in Iping. He sees direct evidence of Griffin’s invisibility. 
  • Gibbins – An amateur naturalist who hears Griffin’s voice. 
  • Mr. and Mrs. Hall – Innkeepers at the Coach and Horses in Iping. 
  • Jaffers – The village constable in Iping who attempts to arrest Griffin. 
  • Landlord – The landlord who rents Griffin a room and later evicts him. Griffin burns down his house in retaliation.
  • Archie Harker – A young man who mocks the possibility of turning invisible along with some other young people. 
  • Mr. Gould – A probationary assistant in the National School. 
  • Jolly Cricketers’ Barman – The barman who fights with Griffin. 
  • Old Fletcher – An old man who Griffin knocks down with wooden planks while on a rampage through the city.
  • Mr. Wadgers – The blacksmith in Iping who tries to help arrest Griffin. 
  • Old Woman – The old woman’s gossip leads to Griffin’s eviction.
  • Off-duty Policeman – A customer at the Jolly Cricketers who tries to help capture Griffin. 
  • Mr. Wicksteed – A man who is murdered by Griffin while he’s being hunted by the townspeople. 


What is The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells about?

The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells is about a young man who turns himself invisible and uses his newfound power (that he can’t reverse) to cause havoc and commit murder in his town. 

Who is the best character in The Invisible Man?

The Invisible Man is not known for its plethora of characters. Griffin is, without a doubt, the most well-defined. The other characters lack depth and only appear in the novel briefly, usually as a result of Griffin’s chaos. 

Who is the killer in The Invisible Man?

Griffin is the killer in The Invisible Man. He’s a young man who, after turning himself invisible, proceeds to steal, kill, and generally disrupt his town. He’s eventually pursued and killed by the townspeople. 

What are some themes in The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells?

Some of the themes are isolation and loneliness, wealth, betrayal, and science. The latter is particularly important as this novel is usually read as a warning of the dangers of speedy scientific advancement. 

How many characters are there in The Invisible Man?

There are more than 20 characters in The Invisible Man. But, only three are well-defined enough to consider analyzing. 

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