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‘Gone Girl’ is a thrilling and suspenseful novel written by Gillian Flynn. It follows the story of a seemingly perfect couple, Nick and Amy Dunne, as their marriage begins to unravel after Amy goes missing. 

Gone Girl

Gillian Flynn

There are several captivating characters within the book, each one with a unique and intriguing backstory. The most complicated of all the characters is, without a doubt, Amy, whose dark, out-of-the-box escape from her marriage leads to faking her death, a murder investigation, and an actual murder in her attempt to return to her life. 

Nick Dunne

Nick Dunne is the protagonist of ‘Gone Girl.’ He is a charming yet flawed character. He has an outwardly kind and generous demeanor that often masks his inner turmoil.

Nick appears to be an honest and devoted husband on the surface, but as more details about his life and marriage come to light, it becomes clear that he has been less than faithful in his marriage.

As the story progresses, Nick’s narrative is further complicated by twists and turns as his inner thoughts and motivations are revealed.

Amy Elliott Dunne

Amy Elliott Dunne is the antagonist of the novel ‘Gone Girl‘ by Gillian Flynn. She is a smart and sophisticated woman who was born and raised in New York City but moved to Missouri with her husband, Nick Dunne. At the beginning of the book, Amy is portrayed as the picture-perfect wife and mother, but as the story progresses, it is revealed that she is actually quite complex and troubled. 

She worked as a successful writer for a women’s magazine, and she also had a mysterious past that she kept hidden from Nick, as well as a strained relationship with her parents, Marybeth and Rand Elliot. Amy’s character is full of layers and reveals itself slowly throughout the novel. 

The most significant element of Amy’s character is the level of manipulation and deception she displays throughout the novel. While in the beginning, she appears to be a loving and devoted wife, it soon becomes clear that she has been planning her own disappearance for months. She also manipulates others in order to further her plan, including her husband Nick, Desi Collings, and Noelle Hawthorne. 

Desi Collings

Desi Collings is a wealthy, successful business executive and Amy’s former boyfriend. He has an obsession with Amy and is willing to do anything to win her back. He is described as a tall, handsome man with an intimidating presence.

Desi is desperate to reconnect with Amy and will go to extreme lengths in order to get her attention. Amy ends up killing him and making it look like he kidnapped and raped her. 

Andie Fitzgerald

Andie is Nick’s mistress, a young twenty-three-year-old woman and journalism student. Their affair lasted for more than a year, and Nick struggled to maintain it even that long. He eventually breaks things off with her when his lawyer, Tanner, advises him to do so. She reveals, via the press, the relationship the two had. 

Tanner Bolt

Tanner Bolt is a high-profile attorney who Nick Dunne hires to help him with the legal fallout of his wife Amy’s disappearance. Though Tanner has no connection to Nick prior to the case, he quickly comes to believe in Nick’s innocence and helps Nick to manage the media onslaught surrounding Amy’s disappearance. Tanner is an intelligent and savvy attorney and is experienced in dealing with the public relations aspect of Nick’s case. 

He attempts to protect Nick’s reputation by carefully crafting a strategy that will make Nick look better in the eyes of the public. As the investigation into Amy’s disappearance intensifies, Tanner also helps Nick to prepare for his police interrogations.

Marybeth Elliot

Marybeth Elliot is the mother of Amy Dunne, the antagonist of ‘Gone Girl.’ She is a wealthy heiress and has a strained relationship with her daughter due to Amy’s often rebellious behavior. Marybeth loves her daughter deeply but disapproves of her choices, leading to much tension between the two. 

Marybeth is an elegant woman who is always perfectly dressed. She is highly intelligent and sophisticated and has a sharp wit. Marybeth has pressured her daughter to be as perfect as possible throughout her life, something that has turned the two against one another. 

Noelle Hawthorne

Noelle Hawthorne is Nick and Amy’s neighbor who loves Amy and who helps her fake a pregnancy. 

Betsy Bolt 

Tanner’s wife who also helps Nick prepare for the Schieber interview. 

Bill Dunne 

Nick’s father who suffers from Alzheimer’s and who is responsible for abusing Nick’s mother. 

Sharon Schieber

A journalist with whom Nick sits down for an interview after Amy’s disappearance. 

Margo Dunne

Nick’s sister and the owner of a bar downtown. She’s an unconventional character who, after a time, comes to believe that Nick did nothing to harm his wife. 


Greta is one of the two people living in the Ozarks who rob Amy and take all of her possessions, forcing her to turn to Desi for help. She is a minor character. 


Jeff is a fisherman who lives with Greta at the motel. He accompanies her to rob Amy.


Who is the protagonist in Gone Girl

The protagonist of ‘Gone Girl‘ is Nick Dunne. He is the husband of Amy Elliott Dunne, the other main character in the story.

Who are the main characters in Gone Girl

The two main characters in ‘Gone Girl‘ are Nick Dunne and his wife, Amy Elliott Dunne. Other important characters in the book include Desi Collings, Andie Fitzgerald, Greta, Tanner Bolt, Marybeth Elliot, and Noelle Hawthorne.

What is Gone Girl about?

Gone Girl‘ tells the story of a couple whose marriage has become strained over time. On the day of their fifth wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne returns home to find his wife Amy missing. As police investigate, suspicions and accusations begin to swirl, and the truth about what happened to Amy is slowly uncovered.

What are some of the themes in Gone Girl?

The themes in the book include the nature of identity, the dynamics of marriage, the role of the media in shaping public opinion, and the consequences of deception and manipulation.

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