A Clash of Kings Review ⭐

‘A Clash of Kings’ is a remarkable story as it boasts incredible characters, an intricately palatable setting, and intense dialogues.

A Clash of Kings

George R. R. Martin

From delicately designed dialogues to a fluidly intense and satisfying story, ‘A Clash of Kings’ is one of the best fantasy novels ever created. On its publication in 1998, it rose to fame as its predecessor had captured people’s attention. ‘A Clash of Kings’ succeeded because of its unique story that continued a tale of war, dragons, knights, and dragons.

A Clash of Kings Review


A Clash of Kings is an interestingly exceptional novel because of its unique story. It takes off from where its predecessor stopped and shows Westeros plunging into war, a war caused by Joffrey’s mistake of killing Eddard Stark

From the prologue, one gets introduced to new characters. From Davos to Stannis, Cressen, Melisandre, Sylyse, and Shireen, the characters that will have a massive impact get inculcated into the story. 

As ‘A Clash of Kings’ begin, all the primary characters enter a battle where they must survive the odds to stay alive.

Arya gets taken out of King’s Landing by Yoren, who promises to return her to Winterfell. However, she learns that life does not go according to plan. 

From living as an orphan boy to getting captured by Gregor, Arya learns the true meaning of pain and suffering. She watches some of her friends get killed and experiences the brutality of war firsthand. The story uses Arya to show the extremities of war on the average human.

Davos is a smuggler who becomes a knight under Stannis Baratheon. As an atonement for his crimes, his fingers get cut off. When he witnesses the powers of Melisandre, he realizes that Stannis has tied himself to a forbidden force. 

Later in the battle of Blackwater, he narrowly escapes getting consumed by wildfire. The story uses Davos to give an alternate picture of how war causes a change in the best or worst of men.

After Tyrion returns to King’s Landing, he becomes the Hand of the King. His new position makes him realize how corrupt the kingdom is. 

Tyrion tries to save everything by weeding out potential threats. However, he got hated by the people. Tyrion’s story shows that the truth is so absurd that many never believe it.

The distinct story approach ‘A Clash of Kings’ takes makes its story appear as multiple stories. Each unique perspective offers the reader a view of life and shows a specific lesson it wants to teach, be it hatred, forgiveness, corruption, or bravery.


A Song of Ice and Fire is known for its exceptionally distinct characters. The books use their characters to propel their story forward as it introduces conflict and consequences into their lives.

After losing her husband and unborn child, Daenerys begins a journey on the path of a comet. Determined to rule Westeros, she leads her small Khalasar to an abandoned city. She meets three warlocks from Quarth and follows them to their city. There she learns that the world is a cruel place with opportunists who will betray one at the slightest chance.

When Jon Snow goes beyond the wall, he discovers that life is different from the world he once knew. He meets Craster, a man who marries his daughters and gives his sons to the cold gods, as his daughter called them. 

Jon finally meets Ygritte, a wildling woman who tells him a story about Winterfell, one he had never heard of before. From Jon’s interaction with the people beyond the wall, his views on life got expanded.

After Bran’s accident, he becomes a shadow of himself. However, after he discovers that he can dream and walk in the body of his direwolf, a new chapter in his life begins to emerge.

Bran’s accident skewed his life’s journey as he turned from a boy who wanted to become a knight to a boy blessed with the power to see beyond the capability of any mortal.

Sansa, a once young and naïve girl, became a different person in ‘A Clash of Kings.‘ Realizing she will need to survive whatever Joffrey throws at her, she decides to become a level-headed person not controlled by childish infatuations and dreams. Her change makes life bearable in King’s Landing as she begins to get friends loyal to her.

Martin’s attention to his characters and their ideologies made ‘A Clash of Kings’ an exceedingly remarkable story. The attention to detail minor characters receive makes the story a literary masterpiece. 

Because each minor character had a valid role in ‘A Clash of Kings,’ the story became exceptionally realistic and relatable.


An intricately crucial part of ‘A Clash of Kings’ is its dialogues. The story features remarkable conversations that propel the story forward or give a subtle history of the past.

When Bran asks maester Luwin about greensight, he hears a story explaining why there was no longer magic in the world. The maester explains to Bran that magic was once alive and thriving, but a series of events, including the fall of Valyria, made it fade from the Earth.

Other dialogues give key historical details of Martin’s world. An example is a conversation between Ygritte and Jon. When he captures her, she tells him the story of a wildling king who infiltrated Winterfell and impregnated the lord’s daughter. Though her story seemed like a fairy tale, it contained information that linked Winterfell with the people beyond the wall.

Writing Style and Conclusion

With the same style as A Game of Thrones,’ ‘A Clash of Kings’ limits its storytelling to one specific character at a time. The writing technique enabled Martin to distill information only from one character’s point of view at a time. Martin’s use of limited prescience with a tone of agitation makes the story come together remarkably.

For its ending, ‘A Clash of Kings’ features a cliffhanger that leaves one anticipating what is coming next in the characters’ lives. Arya takes a journey to Bravos, Jon goes undercover in the wildlings’ camp, and Bran begins his journey to understand more about his powers.


Is A Clash of Kings a good story?

‘A Clash of Kings’ is a great story. The unique characters, fluid dialogues, entertaining action, and never-ending thrill are elements that make the story remarkable. George R. R. Martin’s eloquence in crafting Westeros makes the tale interesting.

Who are the main characters in A Clash of Kings?

The main characters in ‘A Clash of Kings’ are Tyrion Lannister, Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, Theon Greyjoy, Bran Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, Davos Seaworth, and Jon Snow. Though other characters like Robb did not get mentioned, they play a vital role in the story.

Will it take long for me to finish reading A Clash of Kings?

As the novel is longer than its predecessor, it will take some time to finish reading ‘A Clash of Kings.’ The characters are many, and keeping track of the action may be daunting, so taking it slow is the right way to read. However, this will take a while.

A Clash of Kings Review
  • Story
  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Dialogues
  • Conclusion
  • Lasting Effect on Reader

A Clash of Kings: There are no Shadows in the Dark

‘A Clash of Kings’ tells the story of the people of Westeros during the War of the Five Kings. It shows how many people struggle to survive and live as blood flows and the cries of people intensifies.


  • The story is excellent
  • The characters are excellent and unique.
  • The ending makes room for anticipation.


  • The story is long.
  • A reader may find it hard to keep track of the action.
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