Waymar Royce

Ser Waymar Royce was a sworn brother of the Night’s Watch and a former knight of House Royce.

The Definitive Glossary for Game of Thrones

Born as the third son of Lord Yohn Royce, Lord of Runestone, Waymar Royce joined the Night’s Watch and quickly earned a reputation for his arrogance. He became one of the rangers of the Night’s Watch and got sent out by Lord Commander Mormont on a scouting mission with Will and Gared in the haunted forest, fellow black brothers. However, the range turns bloody as Waymar faces a terror only known to stories. As the youngest son of Lord Yohn Royce of Runestone, Waymar had no other option than to become a ranger of the Night’s Watch. Before reaching Castle Black, he and his father stayed at Winterfell, where Sansa Stark saw and fell in love with him.

Waymar Royce Personal Details

  • Name: Waymar Royce.
  • Year of Birth: 278 or 279 AC.
  • Year of Death: 297 AC.
  • Titles: Ser.
  • Allegiances: House Royce, Night’s Watch, Others.
  • Father: Lord Yohn Royce.
  • Culture: Valemen.
  • Religion: Faith of the Seven.
  • Eye Color: Grey.

Appearance and Personality

Waymar is a handsome youth with a slim frame and grey eyes. He shows off his entitlement to people lesser than him in nobility, earning him a reputation for arrogance. The young knight wears black leather boots, a sable cloak, woolen pants, black moleskin gloves, and ringmail over wool and boiled leather. He has a longsword with a hilt adorned by precious jewels.


Waymar was born as the youngest son of Lord Yohn Royce. Because there was little chance of him securing wealth and land from his father, he joined the Night’s Watch. Before reaching Castle Black, Lord Yohn and Waymar stayed as guests at Winterfell, where they met Lord Eddard Stark and his children. Because of his handsome look, Sansa, the eldest daughter of Ned Stark, fell in love with Waymar.

On reaching Castle Black, Waymar treated his fellow black brothers with contempt. As he grew up in privilege, he acted sassy to others and quickly gained a reputation for being an arrogant person. Due to his arrogance, Waymar got hated by many black brothers, including Gared and Will. To appease Lord Yohn, Lord Mormont gives Waymar command over tracking a group of wildling raiders.

Relevance in A Song of Ice and Fire

A Game of Thrones

After getting sent out to track a group of wildling raiders, Waymar, and his team arrive at a camp in the haunted forest on the ninth day. Waymar, Gared, and Will realize the wildlings are immobile. A better experienced Gared advises Ser Waymar to head back to the Wall. However, the knight refuses and moves forward. As the group inches closer to the camp, Gared expresses his displeasure and asks to make a fire, stating it drove enemies of the night. However, Waymar calls him a fool.

When the group gets closer, they realize there are no bodies in the camp. Will then climbs a tree to find the bodies. Suddenly, Others surround the knight. He tries fighting the Others but quickly realizes his actions are fatal. Waymar’s sword shatters, and he gets killed by the Others. After the creatures leave, Will comes down from the tree. However, he gets choked by Waymar, who has turned into a wight. Gared flees the scene but gets caught. Before he gets beheaded by Lord Eddard Stark, Gared loses his senses.

When Tyrion Lannister reaches Castle Black, Lord Mormont tells him that he gave Waymar command due to politics. With their whereabouts unknown, Benjen Stark gets sent to track the missing rangers. However, he goes missing too.

A Clash of Kings

When Jeor Mormont decides to go on the Great Range, he and 300 men camp at Craster’s Keep. At the Keep, Craster tells the Lord Commander that three rangers stopped at his place on their search for raiders. Later, Jon follows Qhorin Halfhand to learn about the wildlings while Jeor continues searching for Waymar, Benjen, Will, and Gared. Meanwhile, war breaks out between the Starks and Lannisters as Lord Eddard gets killed.

A Dance with Dragons

After Jon becomes the Lord Commander, he tries negotiating with the Free Folk. To put them into Westerosi society, he marries Alys Karstark to Sigorn. When the Free Folk passes through the Wall, one of them relinquishes a broken sword with a hilt adorned with sapphires, possibly Waymar’s weapon.

Relevance in Adaptations

In HBO’s Game of Thrones, Waymar got portrayed by Rob Ostlere. He appeared in season 1 and starred in the first episode. When Waymar and two other brothers of the Watch, Will, and Gared, go on a scouting mission, Will leaves the group and finds the bodies of wildlings arranged ritualistically. When he returns to the group, he tells Waymar what he saw, but the knight orders him to continue. While Will scouts for further clues, Waymar gets killed by a White Walker wielding an ice sword.

Waymar: Tales of an Arrogant Lordling

Waymar was a person whose pride led to his downfall. Because he was born into a noble family, he acted arrogant toward the brothers of the Night’s Watch as he felt they were beneath him. Though he was right about being better than other black brothers, Waymar still failed to heed obvious warning signs. Gared was a better-experienced ranger, and if Waymar had just listened to him, the group would have survived the Others.


Why did Waymar Royce join the Night’s Watch?

Waymar joined the Night’s Watch because of his inability to secure wealth. As the third child of Lord Yohn, he was the last in line for an inheritance; this meant he would likely get nothing from his father.

Was Waymar too proud?

Though many may feel he is proud, Waymar had a justifiable reason. The Night’s Watch was once a place for a great lord. However, it became a den where criminals went to atone for their crimes. Waymar felt better than other black brothers because he saw them as nothing but petty criminals.

Is Waymar and the Last Hero connected?

No. It is unlikely that Waymar has a connection to the Last Hero. He existed during the Long Night and helped Westeros fight the Others.

Why was Ser Waymar in charge of Will and Gared?

Lord Commander Mormont admitted that Waymar was less experienced than Will and Gared. However, he chose him to lead because of politics. As Waymar came of his own free will, his father, Yohn, expected him to get special treatment.

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