Ser Addam Marbrand

Ser Addam Marbrand is an incredibly skilled commander and horseman who instilled men’s faith in him.

The Definitive Glossary for Game of Thrones

Ser Addam Marbrand is a knight of House Marbrand and one of the crucial knights serving Lord Tywin Lannister of Casterly Rock. He is Lord Damon Marbrand of Ashemark’s heir and was one of the primary commanders of House Lannister’s army during the War of the Five Kings. He became the Commander of the City Watch because of his bravery and leadership spirit.

Addam Marbrand is a childhood friend of Jaime Lannister and becomes the leader of one of Tywin’s forces. After the Battle of Red Fork, he heads to King’s Landing with Tywin, where he valiantly fights against Stannis Baratheon in the Battle of the Blackwater. For his bravery, Tywin makes him Commander of the City Watch. However, after the Lord of Casterly Rosck’s demise, Addam leaves King’s Landing searching for Tyrek Lannister.

Ser Addam Marbrand Details

  • Name: Ser Addam Marbrand.
  • Allegiances: House Marbrand, House Lannister, City Watch of King’s Landing.
  • Titles: Ser, Commander of the City Watch.
  • Father: Lord Damon Marbrand.
  • Culture: Westermen.
  • Religion: Faith of the Seven.
  • Predecessor: Jacelyn Bywater.
  • Successor: Osfryd Kettleblack.
  • Hair Color: Reddish-brown.

Appearance and Personality

Addam Marbrand is a handsome and gallant man with copper-colored shoulder-length hair. He is an incredible soldier and a skilled commander loved by many soldiers. He wears burnished bronze armor with a breastplate featuring an etched crest of the Marbrand emblem, a burning tree. Addam rides a red courser and wields a sword as his primary weapon. He also owns grey and bronze-colored cloaks.

Relevance in A Song of Ice and Fire Novels

A Game of Thrones

After the attempted murder of Bran Stark, Lady Catelyn Stark arrests Tyrion Lannister, suspecting he tried killing her son. On hearing the news of his son’s arrest, Lord Tywin Lannister calls his banners and begins raiding the Riverlands. Ser Addam Marbrand commands a group of outriders and reports Robb Stark is marching his men through the King’s Road. 

Tywin instructs Addam to harass Robb’s flanks while he tries attacking them from the north. Lady Catelyn Stark asks her uncle Ser Brynden Tully to prevent Ser Addam’s men from learning that Robb is splitting his armies, and the plan succeeds. 

At the Battle of the Green Ford, Ser Addam commands Tywin’s right wing of more than four thousand mounted men. After the Lannisters’ victory, Ser Marbrand reports the capture of Medger Cerwyn, Harrion Karstark, and Ser Wylis Manderly and the death of Lord Halys Hronwood. The captives tell Tywin of Robb crossing at the Twins to lift the siege of Riverrun.

Robb’s plans succeed, as he defeats the Lannisters at the Battle of the Camps and Whispering Woods. He captures Ser Jaime Lannister. Tywin holds a meeting, but Addam advises against a truce with the Starks, and the lord orders his troops to Harrenhal while he sends Tyrion Lannister to King’s Landing as the acting Hand of the King.

A Clash of Kings

Ser Addam Marbrand becomes popular among the women at Harrenhal. When Tywin ‘s forces leave to join the War of the Five Kings, Addam travels first. He joins his liege lord at the Battle of the Fords but fails to cross as Edmure Tully holds the Lannister’s down.

Tywin receives a message of Stannis’s imminent attack on King’s Landing and turns south. He and the Tyrells meet and combine forces against Stannist, who gets defeated at the Battle of the Blackwater. Addam bravely fights and gets recognized by King Joffrey Baratheon.

A Storm of Swords

After Stannis’s defeat, Tywin makes Addam the Commander of the City Watch. Concerned by the enormous size of the city watch, Addam lays his complains to Queen Cersei Lannister, but she bars him from sacking some soldiers. Tywin gets angry when Addam fails to find Tyrek Lannister, and when some deserters of the Battle of the Blackwater return, he orders Addam to break their legs.

Addam attends Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark’s wedding and later advises Joffrey on using his Valyrin steel sword Widow’s Wail. He assigns a guard to the King and his Wife Margaery Tyrell after their wedding at the Great Sept of Baelor. However, Joffrey dies of poisoning. 

Tyrion gets arrested for his nephew’s death, and Addam takes Sansa’s maids and Podrick Payne into custody. The knight gets tasked with finding the Stark girl but fails. He guards and accompanies Tyrion to his trial, where he demands a trial by combat after his lover Shae falsely testifies against him. Jaime arrives at King’s Landing and asks Addam to fight him. However, he gets beaten.

A Feast for Crows

When Lord Tywin Lannister gets killed, Addam and the City Watch stand guard. He and Jaime link Tyrion’s escape to a missing goaler Rugen and Addam gets tasked with arranging a taster for King Tommen. When Ser Kevan Lannister attempts to leave and hunt for outlaws in the Riverlands, Jaime fails at convincing him to let Addam go while he stays as the Hand of the King

Cersei Lannister sends Jaime to resolve the siege of Riverrun, and he asks for Ser Marbrand to tag along. The knight leaves his duty post as the City Watch’s Commander and follows the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, leading a group of outriders. Addam fails at finding Tyrek Lannister, and Jaime replaces him with Ser Ilyn Payne as a sparring partner.

When Jaime arrives at Riverrun, he asks Addam to inspect the perimeter. He meets Ser Brynden Blackfish but gets insulted by the knight, who states he should name Addam as his champion instead. Eventually, Riverrun falls with Edmure Tully as a bargaining chip.

Relevance in Adaptation

In HBO’s Game of Thrones, actor B. J. Hogg portrayed Ser Addam. He was on Tywin Lannister’s war council when the Lord of Casterly Rock ordered his men to march for Harrenhal.

Ser Addam Marbrand: A Gallant Soldier

Ser Marbrand is one of the best soldiers in A Song of Ice and Fire. He was an excellent warrior who commanded the loyalty of his men. Through his sheer leadership strength, he got raised in the ranks by Tywin. However, besides being a skilled fighter, he was also a great friend. He helped Jaime Lannister after his hand got cut off and hid his secret from anyone.


Who is Ser Addam?

Ser Addam is a knight of the Seven Kingdoms and served as a commander for Tywin during the War of the Five Kings. He later became the City Watch’s Commander.

Does Addam know Jaime?

Yes, Ser Addam and Jaime were good friends, and after Jaime lost his sword hand, he confided in Addam to help him train.

Was Ser Addam a good knight?

Yes. Ser Marbrand was an excellent knight who received praise from his men. Lord Tywin Lannister made him the City Watch’s Commander because he was impressed with his work.

Did Addam get killed?

No. Ser Addam did not die in the War of the Five Kings. He traveled to King’s Landing with his liege lord Tywin and followed Jaime to the Riverlands.

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