Jojen Reed

Jojen Reed is a young boy from House Reed. He was born in Greywater Watch and is the son of Lord Howland Reed.

The Definitive Glossary for Game of Thrones

As a young boy, Jojen Reed got the gift of greensight after getting a visit from the three-eyed crow when he almost died of Greywater Fever. On having the power of greensight, Jojen started dreaming about events that happen in the future, events called greendreams, and when he gets a dream about a wolf chained, he and his sister, Meera, travel to Winterfell.

Gifted with the power of prophetic dreams, Jojen Reed can see certain events that happen in the future. His ability to see past current events makes him appear as a person of older age. On getting to Winterfell, he meets Bran Stark and discovers he is also a greenseer. When Bran tells Jojen of his visions about seeing a three-eyed crow, Jojen advises him that they travel deep North to learn more about his abilities. Even though Jojen has the power of greensight, he is not a greenseer as he does not have warg abilities. After Winterfell falls, Bran, Hodor, Meera, and Jojen leave the city and head North in search of the three-eyed crow.

Personal Details about Jojen

Personal Information

  • Character Name: Jojen Reed.
  • Date of Birth: 286 AC.
  • Eye Color: Green.
  • House of Origin: Reed.
  • Allegiance: House Reed, House Stark.
  • Parents: Howland Reed, Jyana.
  • Siblings: Meera Reed.
  • Aliases: The Frogboy, Little Grandfather.
  • Culture: Crannogman.
  • Religion: Old Gods of the Forest.
  • Personality: Calm and Mature Personality. 
  • Magical Abilities: Green Sight, Green Dream.

Brief History

Jojen Reed was born in Greywater Watch in the year 286 AC to Lord Howland Reed and Jyana as a member of House Reed. When he was only a young boy, he almost died from Greywater Fever. However, he got a vision where a three-eyed crow visited him. Jojen gained the power of prophetic green dreams after, an ability that made him see glimpses of the future, including the day of his death. 

Jojen had a vision where he saw a chained wolf that the three-eyed crow was trying to free. After waking up, he and his sister, Meera, traveled to Winterfell, where they met Bran and his brother, Rickon Stark. Old Nan nicknamed Jojen Little Grandfather as his maturity exceeded his pre-adolescent age.

Jojen, Bran, Meera, Hodor, and Summer escape Winterfell after Theon Greyjoy captures it and begin a mission to find the three-eyed crow. Jojen and the group journey through the intense weather conditions and meet some friends, including Sam, Gilly, and Coldhands.

Appearance and Personality

Jojen Reed is a short pre-adolescent boy whose deep personality makes him come off as a man. He is slim and wears green-colored clothing that matches his deep green eyes. Because the Reeds swore to the Starks their fealty, his father lets him and his sister travel to Winterfell to meet Bran.

Relevance in A Song of Ice and Fire

A Clash of Kings

During the harvest feast in Winterfell, Jojen and his sister arrive and declare their loyalty to the House of Stark. They pledge allegiance to Robb Stark’s cause and sympathize with the demise of Eddard Stark. Jojen meets Bran and asks him about his Direwolves. He then reveals he had a dream about a three-eyed raven trying to free a chained winged wolf.

On revealing his dream, Bran tells Jojen about the vision of a three-eyed raven beckoning him to fly. Jojenthen reveals to Bran that he has the power of greensight, an ability that lets him dream prophetic dreams. Unsure about Jojen’s claims, Bran asks Maester Luwin about greensight and learns it is an ability once possessed by great individuals. Maester Luwin tries to disprove Jojen’s abilities, but when Meera tells him about the one Jojen had about Bran being in the body of Summer, his powers are accepted.

Jojen tells Bran that though he has the power of greensight, he is not a greenseer. He explains that Bran’s warg abilities make him a greenseer but to be powerful enough, he needs to open his third eye. Later, Ser Rodrik Cassel returns with a prisoner called Reek, and Jojen reveals that he saw Bran and his brother’s death at the hands of a man they call Reek.

After Theon takes over Winterfell, Bran is led out of his room and sees that Septon Chayle, Alebelly, Meera, and Jojen got arrested. Theon kills the Septon, but with help from Osha, The Starks and Reeds escape from Winterfell. After leaving the city, Jojen advises Bran to travel up North to learn more about his powers.

A Storm of Swords

After leaving Winterfell and heading North, Bran begins to walk in Summer’s body and refuses to eat. Jojen advises him to take his powers gradually and not cause himself to get weak. As they travel North, Jojen says they should shy away from the roads to prevent themselves from getting discovered. They arrive at Queenscrow and detect some men in the village. Bran uses Summer to investigate and sees Jon Snow in the company of some wildlings. A fight breaks out, and he uses Summer to rescue his brother from the Wildlings.

The group reaches Nightfort but gets stuck as they cannot figure out how to get across the Wall. Unsure of what to do, they fall asleep and later wake up to a woman, Gilly, with a baby and Samwell Tarly of the Night’s Watch. Sam narrates to the group how he and Gilly got saved from wights by a man named Coldhands. He then helps them pass through the black gate by reciting the spells carved into it.

A Dance with Dragons

After passing through the gate, Jojen and the rest meet Coldhands and travel North of the Wall to meet the three-eyed crow. As they travel, they realize that Coldhands is no ordinary human, and he reveals to them that he got sent by the three-eyed crow to bring them to his cave.

On getting to the cave of the three-eyed crow, the group gets ambushed by wights. They get saved by a Child of the Forest. Jojen becomes too weak to travel, and his sister carries him on her back. When he decides that he wants to head back home, Meera realizes that he is trying to fulfill his fate by dying at Greywater Watch.

Appearance in Adaptations

In Game of Thrones, Jojen’s character got played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster. As the younger brother of Meera Reed, he helps Bran reach the cave of the three-eyed raven but gets stabbed by a wight. Though Jojen lives long enough to see the Children of the Forest, Meera uses her knife to slit his throat, ending him.

Jojen: A Tragic Character

Jojen Reed is a tragic character in A Song of Ice and Fire. Everything about his existence makes a reader want to scream into an empty container. As a young child, he nearly died but was saved by the three-eyed crow. Though he got saved, the powers handed to him turned his life into a bleak story. Jojen’s character, though well-defined and minor, is one of the best melancholic-natured characters created by George R. R. Martin in A Song of Ice and Fire.


Does Jojen die in the Game of Thrones series?

Yes, he does. After Bran and Jojen encounter a group of wights, a Child of the Forest comes to their rescue and fights off the monsters. However, one of them gets a hold of a knife and stabs Jojen multiple times. With no hope for him anymore, his sister, Meera, slits his throat.

Why did Jojen become depressed in A Dance with Dragons?

Jojen became depressed because he knew his fate and had already seen the future of how he died. He became depressed because he was nearing his death.

Does Jojen die in the novels?

No, he does not. Jojen remains alive after Leaf comes to their rescue. He meets the three-eyed crow but gets depressed after realizing his death is near.

Does Jojen meet Jon Snow?

No, Jojen does not meet Jon. Bran enters Summer’sbody and rescues him from the wildlings.

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