Jeyne Westerling

Jeyne Westerling is the eldest daughter of Lord Gawen Westerling and Lady Sybell Spicer.

The Definitive Glossary for Game of Thrones

Born into an old house that dates back to the First Men, Jeyne Westerling fell in love with Robb Stark and married him. Jeyne is a shy and beautiful woman and falls in love with Robb after tending to his wounds. Her relationship with the young wolf strengthens, and they get married. However, she soon realized she was a pawn in a much dirtier and bigger game played by the Lannisters and the House Westerling.

Once a house in charge of many gold mines, House Westerling became poor after their mines failed. Gawen, Jeyne’s father, married Lady Sybell Spice, a woman from a family of noble merchants, to regain power. However, even after marrying Lady Sybell, House Westerling still lacked power and wealth; this led to Jeyne getting rejected as the wife of one of the sons of Kevan Lannister. When Robb became the King in the North, he fell in love with Jeyne and married her.

Personal Details about Jeyne Westerling

  • Name: Jeyne Westerling.
  • Title: Queen of the North.
  • Date of Birth: 283 AC, at the Crag.
  • Parents: Gawen Westerling and Lady Sybell Spicer.
  • Husband: Robb Stark.
  • Eye Color: Brown.
  • Hair Color: Brown.
  • Allegiance: House Westerling, House Stark.
  • Siblings: Rollam, Raynald, Eleyna.
  • Culture: Andal.

Physical Appearance

Jeyne has a heart-shaped face, brown eyes, chestnut curls, a slender-framed, and a shy smile. Her calmness made her a soothing companion and a good wife.

Relevance in A Song of Ice and Fire

A Storm of Swords

After Robb becomes the King in the North, his army storms the Crag after he goes on the Westerlands expedition. Wounded by an arrow, he gets sick, and Jeyne helps tend to his wounds on advice from her mother and uncle. While recovering in the Crag, he learns that Theon Greyjoy has killed his younger brothers, Bran and Rickon, and captured Winterfell. The news causes him sadness, and Jeyne comforts him. They sleep together, and to protect her honor, Robb marries her the next day.

On getting married to Jeyne, Robb realizes there will be disapproval from everyone, including Lord Walder Frey, whose daughter he was to marry. The alliance between House Frey and House Stark crumbles, and Walder withdraws his forces from the Crag and Riverrun back to the Twins but leaves some of his men with Lord Roose Bolton, who remained at Harrenhal. After the alliance breaks, some of the Freys begin to threaten Jeyne. She also gets anxious around her husband’s direwolf, Grey Wind, as the beast killed a knight she has known for a long time.

With the unity of the North at stake, Robb becomes stressed, and Jeyne Tries to be good to him. She meets her mother-in-law, Catelyn Stark, who advises her to be patient with Robb. After new negotiations, Lord Frey agrees to ally with Robb again, and Edmure, Catelyn’s brother, is asked to wed Roslin Frey, one of Walder’s daughters.

Though under stress, Robb and Jeyne try to conceive. Sybell, Jeyne’s mother, gives her some potions to increase her fertility and aid her in getting pregnant. With Edmure’s wedding set, Robb and his mother travel to the twins, while Jeyne and her family remain at Riverrun to reduce the tension between the Freys and Westerlings. During the wedding of Edmure and Roslin, Robb and his men get killed, and the tales of the event, called the Red Wedding, spread throughout the Seven Kingdoms. After the events of the wedding, Kevan Lannister asks the new King, Tommen, to pardon the Westerlings.

A Feast for Crows

Though most of the Lords of the Riverlands surrender after Robb Stark’s death, Bryden Tully, Catelyn’s uncle, refuses to surrender Riverrun to the Iron Throne. Jeyne mourns for her husband and learns that the potions her mother gave her were to prevent pregnancy. As an act of mourning and rebellion against her mother, she rips her clothes. 

With Lord Tywin Lannister dead, Jaime Lannister gets sent to the Riverlands to negotiate the surrender of Bryden. With help from Edmure, Bryden escape from the castle, and Riverrun surrenders to the Iron throne.

Apperance in Adaptations

Though the character of Jeyne Westerling was not in HBO’s Game of Thrones, her replacement was Talisa Maegyr, a healer on the battlefields of the Westerlands. In the show, Talisa was born in Volantis and married Robb. She gets pregnant with his child. She follows him to the wedding of Edmure and Roslin. However, the night gets bloody, and she gets killed along with her husband and his men.

Jeyne Westerling: A Failed Romance

Love and tragedy are the elements that define Jeyne’s character. Though she was a lovely person, her kindness and naivety got explored by her mother, who tarnished the future of her relationship with Robb. Jeyne was warm and comforting, a loyal woman with a shy smile. However, her smile turned into sorrow, and her warmth turned into cold shame. Though she appears for a small part of ‘A Storm of Swords’ and ‘A Feast for Crows,’ Jeyne’s character disseminates real emotions.


Does Jeyne Westerling have a younger sister?

Yes, Jeyne Westerling has three siblings, two brothers, Rollam and Raynald, and a sister, Eleyna. Her brother Rollam served as Robb’s squire, and Raynald served in Robb’s army and died during the Red Wedding.

Did Jeyne Westerling love Robb Stark?

Yes, Jeyne loved Robb, and he loved her back. She tried all she could, supporting her husband when he got stressed by the War of the Five Kings. Though their love was true, it did not last as Robb died at the Twins.

What is the connection between Jeyne’s Family and Cersei?

Jeyne’s mother, Lady Sybell Spicer, was the granddaughter of Maggy the Frog, an old witch that predicted Cersei’s future by telling her she would get replaced by a Queen that is prettier and better.

Did Jeyne Westerling die in the books?

No, Jeyne Westerling did not die in A Song of Ice and Fire. As she and her family remained in Riverrun with Bryden, she did not attend the Red Wedding.

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