Dothraki Sea

The Dothraki Sea got inhabited by different Khalasars fighting each other for dominance. When a Khalasar got destroyed, the people got sold into slavery.

The Definitive Glossary for Game of Thrones

The Dothraki Sea, Haunted Lands, Great Desolation, or Great Grass Sea is a vast inland region of steppes and plains in Essos. It is north of Slaver’s Bay, east of the Free Cities, and west of the Bone Mountains. The region is home to the Dothraki people, a group of nomads who organize themselves in large hordes called Khalasars and fight for dominance. Considered by some to be the cradle of civilization, the Dothraki Sea has a lot of history that got lost after the arrival of the Dothraki people as they destroyed every town in the region.

Dothraki Sea Region

The Dothraki Sea is a massive region that starts from the west of Essos at the Forest of Qohor. It is so big that it can contain about a dozen Khalasars running distinct paths at any time. To the north, it overlaps the forested Kingdom of the Ifequevron, the Kingdom of Omber, and the ruined Kingdom of Sarnor. It then pushes out eastwards to the Krazaaj Zasqa and the Bone Mountains. To the southeast of the region lies the Red Waste, a place believed to be cursed by ghosts.

The Painted Mountains, the Skahazadhan, a primary river in Essos, and Slaver’s Bay are south of the Dothraki Sea. To the South of the Skahazadhan is Lhazar, a town frequently raided by the Dothraki. The Dothraki Sea also houses an enormous mountain dubbed the Mother of Mountains, and besides it is a lake called the Womb of the World.


The Dothraki Sea is a plain land comprising over one hundred types of low green grass that can grow to the height of a man’s head. There are no cities, hills, or towns except old Valyrian roads and Vaes Tolorro. The region got called the Dothraki Sea because the wind blows over the long blades of grass, giving it the illusion of being an ocean. Some animals in the region include horses, a rare breed of lions called Hrakkar, wild dogs, and jackals.

Ruined Regions

There are so many ruins in the Dothraki Sea. The abandoned settlements near the region include Vajjpr Samvi Vaes Khewo, Vaes Greddakh, Vaes Athjhikhari, Yalli Qamayi, and Vaes Leqse. To the west of the Sea is Vaes Khadokh, a former colony of the Valyrian Freehold. To the northeast are Vaes Leisi and Vaes Aresak. The only region inhabited in the Dothraki Sea is Vaes Dothrak.


The Dothraki was called the grasslands before the Century of Blood. It is a region whose history is shrouded in mystery. Many people believed it was the birthplace of civilization, as there is some evidence of the first human towns in the region.

According to legend, the cities that once existed in the Dothraki Sea include the realm of the Fisher Queens, beside the inland Silver Sea, the lost city of Lyber, the kingdom of the Centaurs, and the woods walkers in the forest on the shores of the Shivering Sea. However, everything got lost with the arrival of the Dothraki People.

Some maesters believe the First Men came from the Dothraki Sea before they migrated to Westeros through the Arm of Dorne. Some speculation also states the Andals came from the region. However, no concrete evidence or historical record proved the assumptions.

Relevance in A Song of Ice and Fire

A Game of Thrones

After becoming the Khaleesi to Khal Drogo, Daenerys Targaryen travels to Vaes Dothrak with her husband and unborn baby. Viserys Targaryen draws out his sword, demanding Drogo give him an army to march on Westeros. However, he gets killed with molten gold as drawing a weapon in Vaes Dothrak was punishable by death. 

When an assassin tries killing Daenerys, Drogo gets angry and promises their unborn child the Iron Throne. However, he died after suffering an injury while raiding a rival Khalasar.

A Clash of Kings

With only a few followers left, Daenerys Targaryen takes her Khalasar to the Red Waste, a region feared to be cursed. Many of Dany’s people die from illnesses, including Doreah. Desperate to find a new place, the Khaleesi sends her bloodriders out, and one of them returns with three merchants from Qaarth.

A Dance with Dragons

After reopening the fighting pits of Meereen, Daenerys and her husband, Hizdahr zo Loraq, attend an event to celebrate their marriage. Drogon, who evaded capture, appears at the height of the event. To prevent carnage, Dany climbs Drogon and flies away from Meereen. She gets taken to the Dothraki Sea, where she falls sick and gets many hallucinations. She eventually gets found by Khal Jhaqo.

Relevance in Adaptation

In HBO’s Game of Thrones, the Dothraki Sea was integral to Dothraki culture. It was located on the great steppe of Central Essos and housed many Khalasars that struggled for dominance. After Drogo’s death, Daenerys gains control of the Dothraki with the power of her dragons. She then marches on the Slaver Bay’s cities and becomes the Queen of Meereen.

Dothraki Sea: A Region of Mystery

Few places have so many mysteries in the known world of A Song of Ice and Fire. One is the Dothraki Sea, believed to be the cradle of civilization. Many people claimed the region was the home of the First Men and Andals, two races that would go on to shape the continent of Westeros.


Is the Dothraki Sea a sea?

No. The Dothraki Sea is an extensive plain where different species of grass thrive. The region got called a sea because of the long grass moving in a wave-like motion because of the wind.

What happens to Khal Drogo?

After defeating Khal Ogo and destroying his khalasar, Drogo’s wounds fester, and he falls from his horse. In a desperate attempt to save his life, Daenerys asks a witch to help. However, Drogo gets worse, and Dany kills him.

Is Vaes Dothrak in the Dothraki Sea?

Yes. The Dothraki Sea is a large region spanning many cities destroyed by the nomads. Vaes Dothrak is one of these cities. It is a sacred place where no one draws out their weapon.

Did Daenerys miscarry in the Dothraki Sea?

Yes. After Daenerys asks Mirri Maz Duur to help cure Drogo, the maegi uses a dark spell that causes Dany’s unborn son to become a hideous monster.

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