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E.B. White is one of the most beloved authors of the twentieth century. His works have inspired generations of readers and writers, and continue to captivate readers (of all ages) today. 

E.B. White

(1899-1985), American

His best books include the timeless classics Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little, and his more personal writing, such as is seen in Here Is New York. Although he’s best known as a children’s author, he also wrote a telling and memorable memoir, The Man’s Meat. 

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web by E.B. White Digital Art
Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White Digital Art

Charlotte’s Web, written by E.B. White, is a much-loved children’s novel that follows Wilbur the pig and his friendship with Charlotte, the spider. The book was first published in 1952 and has since become a classic. It has been translated into over 25 languages and made into a 1973 animated film. 

In Charlotte’s Web, White creates a unique and magical world that captures the hearts of both children and adults alike. Through this story, White explores themes such as life and death, loyalty, and friendship. Charlotte’s Web has become an important part of American literature and an essential part of any childhood library.

The Trumpet of the Swan

The Trumpet of the Swan is a novel by E.B. White about a young swan named Louis who must overcome a physical disability to gain acceptance from his family and peers. Despite not having a voice, Louis manages to learn how to play the trumpet and show his true courage and intelligence. 

Louis embarks on an epic journey that takes him from his home in Canada all the way to the United States, where he learns the importance of friendship, loyalty, and perseverance. He meets some unlikely allies, including a brave mule named Serena, along the way. 

Louis ultimately succeeds in finding his true love, swimming the Missouri River, and finally earning the respect of his family and friends. He discovers that true strength lies within himself and that even without a voice, he can still communicate with others.

This beloved classic children’s novel was first published in 1970 and has since been adapted into an animated television film in 2001. It remains an uplifting tale of courage and self-discovery that continues to inspire readers of all ages. Adult readers may notice the very clear connection between Louis in the book and Louis Armstrong, the famous trumpeter. 

Stuart Little

E.B. White’s classic tale of a brave mouse and his family is an important work that has captivated generations of readers. This book is an inspiring story of courage, kindness, and determination in the face of adversity.

Stuart Little was an early example of a children’s book with an anthropomorphic protagonist. It also addresses themes of growing up, family, friendship, and self-discovery, making it an excellent read for children and adults alike. Additionally, Stuart Little has been adapted for television, film, and stage, making it a widely popular piece of literature. 

One Man’s Meat

E.B. White’s memoir, One Man’s Meat, captures the author’s life from his 1929 departure from the New Yorker to his home in Maine. It is a beautiful reflection of rural life and the slow, idyllic days of Maine summers. 

One Man’s Meat follows White’s journey as he learns to appreciate the simple joys that accompany nature and farming. His observations are insightful and honest, with humor mixed in. Through his words, White is able to show readers what it truly means to enjoy the natural beauty of one’s surroundings.

The Elements of Style

E.B. White is perhaps best known for his children’s books, such as Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little, but he is also responsible for an update of the influential writing guide The Elements of Style. Written in 1918 by Professor William Strunk Jr., the book was revised and expanded by E.B. White in 1959. 

This edition of The Elements of Style has become a classic among students and professionals alike, providing practical guidance on usage, composition, and the fundamentals of writing.

Today it is a mainstay on college campuses, in high schools, and in corporate offices, offering readers essential advice for becoming better writers.

Here Is New York

E.B. White’s book, Here Is New York, is a timeless classic that captures the spirit of the city and its citizens in an intimate and lyrical way. Written in 1949 and published in 1950, the book is composed of essays about New York City, written with a poet’s eye for detail.

Throughout the rest of the book, White paints a vivid picture of the city and its inhabitants, speaking with admiration and affection for their fortitude and resilience in the face of adversity. He also writes about the complexity of the city itself, exploring the ways in which it exists both as an expression of the people who inhabit it and as an independent entity that operates beyond individual control.

White’s writing style is especially noteworthy. His sentences are short and pithy, full of wit and vivid imagery. He is also unafraid to make sweeping statements about life in New York City, often providing his own personal insight alongside larger observations about life in the city. He also speaks to larger themes such as freedom and individuality, noting that the sky is the limit.

The book is both a love letter to New York City and a poignant reminder of its transient nature. Through his musings on its culture, history, and people, White is able to capture its essence in a way that few other authors have been able to do. In doing so, he has created an enduring portrait of one of the world’s most vibrant cities that will continue to resonate with readers for years to come.


What is E.B. White’s best book? 

E.B. White’s best book is usually considered to be Charlotte’s Web. This children’s book is the one for which he’s best known and most commonly remembered. It is a great representation of his skill with anthropomorphized characters and love for the natural world. 

What is E.B. White known for? 

E.B. White is primarily remembered as a children’s author, although he did write work for adults as well. Today, his books, like Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little, are read by children around the world. 

What kind of books did E.B. White write? 

E.B. White is best known as a children’s author and for writing short novels with anthropomorphized characters, like Stuart Little and The Trumpet of the Swan. 

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