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Book Protagonist: Anastasia, Christian
Publication Date: 2015
Genre: Erotic, Romance


Fifty Shades of Grey

By E. L. James

Fifty Shades of Grey's success rests on its originality and uniqueness. Since its publication, the novel has heavily influenced romance literature and romance itself.

Though Fifty Shades of Grey’ became a hit, it received intense backlash from many people. The primary reason for the novel’s backlash came from its story that romanticized the negative issues many people face in relationships.

Fifty Shades of Grey review.


Though many people praise Fifty shades of Grey’ for its uniqueness, the novel features a disturbing and bland story. At the story’s beginning, we meet Anastasia, a young, shy, and innocent girl whose inferiority complex and insecurities make her incapable of loving sane people. Though she manages to live for 21 years in complete innocence and naivety, she somehow meets Christian Grey, the perfect picture of an abusive eccentric man. Then, by some force of nature, she instantly feels a connection to Christian. Though the beginning gives an interesting background for a story that can show Ana’s growth and transcendence, the novel takes a much more sinister route.

After meeting Christian, Ana finds herself hooked to him. She becomes incapable of reasoning without Christian in the picture, and the innocent Ana we met in the first lines of the story becomes a mini-brave girl overnight. Her innocence suddenly disappears, and she becomes a partial badass ready to take on the world. The disconnection of the first parts of the story from the rest creates a feeling of disappointment as most readers will technical want something more out of Ana’s initial self.

The story jumps further to Christian and Ana finally having sex, and from there, it becomes a circle of love, tears, sex, and more tears. There are some parts of the novel where there is ample opportunity to dive deeper into Christian’s mindset. However, the story slaps glorification onto his lifestyle. Even though the story tries to be romantic, the oversaturation of weirdly dissatisfying sex makes it a ‘no-go’ for some people.

The story’s blandness comes from its continuous recycling of sex. Many romance novels depict sex all the time. However, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ includes sex scenes that disturb and irritate some people to imagine. The story takes BDSM and turns it into something terrible. Another aspect of the story many people may dislike is the over-glorification of abuse. Yes, Christian got abused as a child and teen, creating a wound in his past. However, he projects his trauma unto others by using BDSM and making them feel incapable of escaping his sight. His stalking attitude makes him more likely a creepy BDSM (past trauma) addict than a refined, sexy billionaire.


Many novels use the first-person perspective to tell the story. However, in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ the first-person perspective hindered fluidity in the dialogues. Throughout the novel, the conversations between characters contain no consequence; these include Ana’s conversations with her supposedly inner goddess. Though her constant mind-blabbering makes the story quite funny, it also hinders the fluid flow of thought. As for the interactions with other characters, there is little complexity in the dialogues. Honestly, without the sex scenes in the story, the conversations will be shells of words compiled with little relevance.


‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ did justice to its characters. There is a healthy number of characters that populate the novel. However, except for Christian, Ana, and Kate, all other characters had close to no impact on the story. Josei is a character that shows promise as a potential rival to Christian. His sweetness and friendship toward Ana provide a premise for an interesting internal conflict in Ana. However, he suddenly fades into irrelevance and becomes nothing but a dragging character. Ana’s indifference to some of the people who love her adds to the novel’s blandness as it removes the room for the internal conflict in Ana and competition for Christian.

Writing Style and Conclusion

With the first-person perspective, the story of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ feels quite bland and non-challenging. Though the novel tries to create conflict, it contradicts everything romance and love stand for. The story poorly portrays BDSM and makes sex look like an act that needs toxicity to function. The novel concludes with one of the most tragic phrases, as quoted

I curl up, desperately clutching the flat foil balloon and Taylor’s handkerchief, and surrender myself to my grief.


Is Fifty Shades of Grey a good story?

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is a medially captivating story because of its poorly designed plot and dialogues. From Ana to Christian, the story suffered from a lack of character depth and tried to balance out by adding too much sexual content into many parts of the plot. The dialogues were terribly crafted and failed to propel the story forward.

How many awards did Fifty Shades of Grey win?

Though it was not a literary masterpiece, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ became the fastest-selling novel in British history. After its publication in 2011, it won two awards. The first was the British Book Award for Book of the Year, and the second was Fiction Book of the Year.

Did Fifty Shades of Grey end well?

Though E. L. James tried to make ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ end on a cliffhanger, the novel ended terribly. After Ana tells Christian to show her the extreme of his dominant BDSM punishment, he punishes her by whipping her with a belt; this makes her break up with him and the novel comes to a close with Ana crying.

What is the last paragraph of Fifty Shades of Grey?

“This is grief – and I’ve brought it on myself. Deep down, a nasty, unbidden thought comes from my inner goddess, her lip curled in a snarl… the physical pain from the bite of the belt is nothing, nothing compared to this devastation. I curl up, desperately clutching the foil balloon and Taylor’s handkerchief, and surrender myself to my grief.”

Fifty Shades of Grey Review
  • Story
  • Characters
  • Dialogue
  • Setting
  • Writing Style
  • Conclusion
  • Lasting Effect on Reader

Fifty Shades of Grey Review

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ tells the story of Anastasia, a shy and innocent undergrad, who meets Christian Grey, a billionaire, after agreeing to help out her sick friend, Kate. On meeting Christian, Ana’s life changes as she enters a world of wealth, sex, and dominance.


  • The story is explicitly romantic.
  • A good ending.


  • Characters lack depth.
  • The story gets bland as the oversaturation of sexual content dilutes the intensity.
  • Dialogues lack depth.
  • The story is too sexual and contains scenes some people may find irritating.
  • Some sentences are poorly written.
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