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Book Protagonist: Anastasia, Christian
Publication Date: 2011
Genre: Erotic, Romance


Fifty Shades Darker

By E. L. James

As the second novel in the Fifty Shades Trilogy, ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ shows Christian's transformation after Ana leaves him. The story also dives into Ana’s struggles with the people close to her, people like her boss.

‘Fifty Shades Darker’ is a novel that tells the story of Ana and Christian after their short breakup from each other. It dives into Christian’s character and shows how his past affected his first relationship with people and love.

Fifty Shades Darker Summary

‘Spoiler-Free’ Summary

‘Fifty shades Darker’ begins three days after Ana leaves Christian. Now a personal assistant for Jack Hyde at SIP, Ana tries to focus on her career but keeps thinking of Christian. She eventually receives an email from Christian reminding her of an event related to her friend, Josei.

After the event, Ana gets back with Christian, and things begin to seem smoother for her. She meets a stranger who freaks her out with the knowledge she has about her, and on telling Christian, she notices his demeanor change. Ana learns about his past and talks with his adopted father. She also discovers more secrets about his past and why he is keen on having a submissive.

Jack Hyde, Ana’s boss, invites her to a convention, but she does not go with him; this makes him try to force her after telling her to work late alone with him. She escapes, and Jack leaves SIP. Ana meets the strange person again and comes to a standoff with her. Though she fears for her life, Christian diffuses the situation, leaving Ana sad and slightly jealous.

Ana meets Elena but avoids her as she and Christian talk. Soon, an occurrence leaves Ana afraid for Christian, but he returns in good health, and she accepts him completely. Elena gets jealous, and Ana confronts her one last time. With Elena gone, Ana and Christian agree to spend the rest of their lives together.

Fifty Shades Darker Plot Summary

Spoiler alert: important details of the novel are revealed below.

‘Fifty Shades Darker’ begins with Ana after she leaves Christian. On resuming work at SIP, she meets Jack Hyde, her boss, and discovers that he makes her uncomfortable. While settling in at work, she gets a message from Christian reminding her about Josei’s gallery exhibit; this makes her feelings of sadness intense, and she rushes to the toilet in tears. Though she and Christian broke up, she agrees for him to take her to Josei’s show. In shock, she discovers that Josei’s exhibit had multiple pictures of her. Christian buys all her portraits, and when they leave, he kisses her in an alley.

Christian begs Ana to accept him back, and with her missing him intensely, she agrees to give him another chance on the condition that she decides what she wants in the relationship. Christian agrees, and they get back together. He returns her phone and laptop to her.

Ana meets a strange woman who recognizes her when she goes to get lunch for Jack, and though she does not know the woman, she realizes that they look alike. She also notices that the woman has an injury on her wrist. Christian invites her to his parents’ charity fundraiser. She gets angry after he takes her to Elena’s saloon. At the fundraiser, Ana meets Christian’s father, Carrick, who tells her about Christian’s first moments after getting adopted. Soon, an auction begins, and to everyone’s surprise, Christian buys Ana’s dance for $100,000. Christian tells Ana about his mother’s death.

After the party, Ana tells Christian about the strange woman. He tells Ana to move in with him for safety. She also talks about Jack Hyde’s behavior. Christian purchases SIP. Though Ana tells him that he cannot do so. However, he tells her that it is purely business-oriented. Jack invites Ana on a trip to New York, but Christian prevents her from going, making Jack angry. After working late alone with Jack, he tries to assault her, but she escapes, and Christian has him fired.

Ana meets Leila with a gun at her house. She asks Ana what she did differently to get Christian to fall for her, but while conversing, Christian barges into the room and forces Leila to discard the gun. Noticing how intense Christian looked when he dominated Leila, Ana gets insecure and tells him they will not work out because she feels that her love is not enough. However, Christian surprises Ana by falling to his knees. He later allows her to touch certain parts of his body. He tells her he wants to figure out everything. Christian meets Elena while Ana is with him, but they do not talk.

Ana meets and talks about Christian with Doctor Flynn, his therapist. She tells him about her feeling of inadequacy, but Doctor Flynn lets her know that her relationship with Christian has made him a better person.

Later on, Christian asks her to marry him, but before she accepts his proposal, he leaves on a business trip, and while on the trip, he gets involved in an accident with his helicopter and goes missing. Ana intensely gets worried, but he returns unharmed. She accepts his proposal.

At Christian’s birthday party, he announces his engagement to Ana. Kate then asks Ana about her certainty of Christian because she had found their first emails. However, Ana assures her that the emails were a long time ago at the start of the relationship and that she and Christian are in a vanilla relationship.

At the party, Elena confronts Ana, calling her a gold digger. However, Ana warns Elena to stay away from Christian. He intervenes and tells Elena to back off. Meanwhile, Grace, Christian’s mother, overhears everything and confronts Elena about her molesting her son as a teenager. She slaps Elena and tells her never to come back again.

Christian formally proposes to Ana. It then gets revealed that Jack Hyde is watching the party at Christian’s parents’ house, and he is responsible for Christian’s accident. Jack swears revenge on Christian.


What happens at the end of Fifty Shades Darker?

At the end of ‘Fifty Shades Darker,’ Christian proposes to Ana. However, before she replies, he goes on a business trip and has an accident. He returns uninjured, and Ana says yes to him. After announcing his proposal to his family, Elena gets jealous and confronts Ana. However, Christian steps in and tells Elena to back off.

What happens to Elena in Fifty Shades Darker?

When Christian announces his proposal to Ana, Elena gets jealous and confronts her, calling her a gold digger. Ana pours a drink on Elena’s face and warns her to stay away from Christian. Meanwhile, Christian’s mother overhears the conversation and confronts Elena. She slaps her and tells her to never come to their house again.

What happens to Christian’s helicopter in Fifty Shades Darker?

When Christian goes on a business trip in his helicopter, it develops a fault and causes him to crash. Later on, it gets revealed that Jack Hyde was responsible for sabotaging it as he wanted revenge for Christian getting him fired and arrested.

Does Christian become a loving person in Fifty Shades Darker?

Though Christian gets warmer with Ana and his family, he still retains his cold-heartedness. Though he admits to Ana making him a better person, he does not change.

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