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Book Protagonist: The Little Prince himself
Publication Date: 1941
Genre: Children, Fable, Novella

Historical Context

The Little Prince

By Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Arguably his best book, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's ‘The Little Prince’ is written in the sands of time.

Every good book has some context, and ‘The Little Prince’ isn’t left out. Let’s take a look at this book and some of the experiences it drew from and some of the experiences that were drawn from it.


Although ‘The Little Prince’ has so many editions of it and has been translated into numerous languages, it was first published in French on April 6, 1943. It was titled ‘Le Petite Prince.’ Having sold more than 200 million copies worldwide, ‘The Little Prince’ earned Antoine de Saint-Exupéry a place in the Writers’ Hall of Fame. ‘The Little Prince’ has been translated into more than 500 languages, including Portuguese, Korean, Spanish, and Italian. It has also inspired so many movies and TV programs. Notable amongst them is the 2015 animation titled ‘The Little Prince.’ We’ll talk more about this in the next two paragraphs.

Film Adaptation

The Little Prince’—released in France on the 29th of July 2015—tells the story of Mackenzie Foy, a girl who is introduced to a world where she rediscovers herself and learns that it is human connections that matter. She also learns that, more often than not, what is within, is more important than what is without. Very much like the case of the little prince and the young man, where they both learn a great deal from each other. With so much contempt and reservations for the grown-ups, he barely takes notice of the fact that he is fast becoming what he hates. His experience in the desert in Africa, where he met the little prince, helps correct this. The aviator and the girl enjoy each other’s company; they learn from each other. The girl learns and unlearns.

The Little Prince is an animation directed by Mark Osborne. It was produced by Dimitri Rassam, Aton Soumache, and Alexis Vonarb. It stars a host of actors, including Bob Persichetti and Irena Bring. 77.5 million USD was budgeted for this movie. So far, it has grossed $97.5 million in Box Office.

Personal Context

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry drew from his experiences while writing ‘The Little Prince.’ Antoine was a pioneering aviator. He also painted and had an incredible sense of adventure. He had trouble with the aircraft from time to time, and the pilots became friends because they saved each other often after they crashed. The little prince’s friend is equally adventurous. The main character is also a pilot. He crashes into the desert, and it is there he meets the little prince. Before he began to fly planes, he was very much interested in drawing, but the grown-ups didn’t encourage him at all. He still went on to draw but made a career off of flying.


Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s story of ‘The Little Prince is timeless and continues to make an impact in the world of Literature. It is the only reason it has been translated into more than 500 languages. Everyone wants to get the feel of it. It is a bestseller, with over 200 million copies sold worldwide. We learn, unlearn, and relearn along with the protagonist—what the matters of consequence are or should be and what shouldn’t be matters of consequence. This adventure fantasy leaves an indelible mark and will go down in history as one of the best of its kind ever written.


What kind of story is ‘The Little Prince?’

The Little Prince’ is a fiction fantasy. It is a children’s story; however, it is also suitable for adults. It tells the story of a young man trapped in a desert where he meets someone that would go on to change his life forever.

Where is ‘The Little Prince’ set?

The Little Prince’ is set mostly in a desert in Africa. The little prince takes trips to several planets; however, the bulk of the time is in a desert in Africa. It is in this desert that the young man crash-lands. There, he enjoys the little prince’s company for a while. ‘Enjoy,’ not so much towards the beginning (because the little prince was persistently annoying, especially with his questions, but he got used to that) and the end (when the little prince had to transform into a star, thereby leaving him physically).

Does ‘The Little Prince’ have a movie adaptation?

Yes, ‘The Little Prince’ has a movie adaptation. The movie ‘The Little Prince‘ is an animation directed by Mark Osborne and produced by Dimitri Rassam, Aton Soumache, and Alexis Vonarb. It stars a host of actors, including Bob Persichetti and Irena Bring. 77.5 million USD was budgeted for this movie. So far, it has grossed $97.5 million in Box Office.

What makes ‘The Little Prince’ timeless?

The story, as a whole, is timeless. ‘The Little Prince’ will always be relevant because of the issues addressed. ‘The Little Prince’—bubbling with lessons—is written in the sands of time and will be forever relevant.

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