'Less' is a 2017 satirical novel by Andrew Sean Greer about a middle-aged American man who travels around the world to escape the humiliation of watching his lover marry someone else.

Less Character List 📖

‘Less’ is one of those unusual novels where the protagonist is gay, quirky, and a struggling writer. Take a closer look at Arthur Less and other characters in this comedy.

Quotes in Less 💬

‘Less’ is a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel that is praised for its philosophical value and poetic flow of words. Here are some laudable quotes from this interesting novel.

Summary of Less 📖

‘Less’ is the story of a heartbroken novelist who decides to trot around the globe to avoid the humiliation of attending the wedding of his lover.

Less Themes and Analysis 📖

The humor, symbols, themes, style, and figurative devices in ‘Less’ by Andrew Sean Greer require more than a first glance to comprehend.

Historical Context of Less 📖

‘Less’ by Andrew Sean Greer is a contemporary novel with a focus on 21st Century themes and a historical perspective from the late 20th Century.

Less Review ⭐

‘Less’ by Andrew Sean Greer is an award-winning novel that has readers’ reviews on every end of the spectrum. Find out the pros and cons of this modern satire in this review.