Re’ems are magical animals that are similar to giant Ox. They were endemic to the forests of the Far Eastern regions like China and Japan and to North America.

The Definitive Glossary for Harry Potter

A Re’em is said to resemble a giant Ox and has a golden hide. It was a popular magical beast sought after in the magical world as its blood had magical properties. Drinking Re’em blood made a person very strong, giving them immense strength for a temporary period. Although the Re’em has not appeared in the Harry Potter book series, it is an important magical beast in the Harry Potter universe. It has appeared in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them textbook and has also been mentioned in the Pottermore website and the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite mobile video game. It is also a beast that has been mentioned in the bible several times and is an ancient mythical creature.

Re’em Habitat

Re’ems are found in North America in places like America and Canada and in the Far East in regions like China, Japan, and Korea. Therefore it is safe to say that the Re’em is mostly found in regions close to the Atlantic Ocean. There is no record of a Re’em ever being found in regions like Europe, Australia, or Asia, especially Ireland but it is possible that they were transported there by some wizard or witch at some point in history. It was mostly seen only in Hebrew Mythology and may never have been mentioned ever in Greek Mythology even though there are similar animals that are mentioned in Greek Mythology.

Ability To Speak

Very little is known about Re’ems and therefore not much is known if it was capable of human or human-like speech. However, since it was a magical animal that sometimes resembled a sheep that is capable of magic, it is possible that the Re’em could talk in a human language. The Re’em was mentioned nine times in the Bible as an animal that resembles an oryx. Some translations of the Bible also compare the Re’em to a form of unicorn. The Re’em possessed horns that were also known to have medicinal properties.

Appearance and Magical Abilities

Re’ems resemble giant horses according to some interpretations, although they are said to possess horns just like a unicorn. The Re’em is known for several of its magical abilities, including the importance of many of its body parts which have medicinal value in the open market. However, these products were rarely available in the market due to their rare nature.

Re’em blood is known to possess very interesting magical qualities. It was said to provide its drinker with amazing strength and powers. It was also used in several potions and medicines in the wizarding world. Furthermore, the Re’em may have been in some of the paintings at Hogwarts, possibly in the Great Hall or near the moving staircases that constantly confused first years.

In The Harry Potter Series

The Re’em has never been explicitly mentioned in the Harry Potter series. However, it has appeared in the textbook Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them written by Newt Scamander, the famous magizoologist. In the Spanish translation of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the Re’em is referred to as “Uro”, a name given to aurochs in Spanish which verifies the fact that many cultures consider the Re’em to be a type of auroch.

Despite there being several references and appearances of other magical beings like the gnome, troll, and many other animals taken care of by Hagrid, the Re’em never makes an appearance in the Harry Potter series. This may be because of how rare these magical creatures are in the wizarding world and how they are non-existent in the Muggle world. The other places where Harry Potter fans can know about Re’ems are on the Pottermore website and in the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite video game, where they are mentioned.

Re’em – A Rare Creature

It is not clearly known why Re’ems are rare creatures in the wizarding world. Since they are considered to look like a giant ox, they may not reproduce in large numbers and are, therefore, very scanty in number. However, it is also possible that they were once abundant but were hunted for their horns and blood, making them an endangered species like several animals in the Muggle world. The Re’em were also possibly associated with the Dark Arts as their blood could help strengthen a person temporarily and therefore had applications in dark magical practices. 


What is Re’em blood?

Re’em blood is the blood of a magical animal called the Re’em. The Re’em was a magical animal that resembled a giant ox and was found in the Far East and in some regions of America. Furthermore, Re’em blood was known for its magical properties, including its ability to provide temporary strength to its drinker.

What happens if you drink the blood of a unicorn?

Drinking the blood of a unicorn was said to give its drinker a bodily form if they were in the form of an apparition or lacking a physical form. Just like Re’em blood, unicorn blood possessed magical properties and provided its drinker with physical powers. However, it was considered evil to slay a unicorn, and the one who killed it was said to lead a half-life as their soul would be harmed in the process.

What is the rarest magical creature in Harry Potter?

There are several magical creatures in the Harry Potter universe that are considered very rare. One of these creatures is the Re’em which is a giant ox that is only found in some regions of America and the Far East. It is known for its magical blood, which provides its drinker with a temporary boost of physical strength.

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