About Book Analysis

BookAnalysis.com originated back in 2020 with the ambition to be the largest database of book summaries and analysis on the internet.

Since then, the website has grown from strength to strength, with a dedicated team of literature experts analysing poetry to continually adding to the database.

Origination of Book Analysis

Poem Analysis was founded by Will back in 2020. Will started a website on revision material for students in 2009, called AskWillOnline. As with most English Literature educational syllabuses, Will analysed poetry and quickly learnt it was an area that people liked to read and talk about online – Poem Analysis was born.

After success with Poem Analysis, Will wanted to expand to summarize, analyse and review books from the four corners of the world. He found most websites tended to target poems and literature relating to education and schools. This makes sense, since every year, a wave of new students flock to gain knowledge on specific literature.

As much as this is great, it did mean that the vast majority of poetry and literature out there was simply not covered. With both Poem Analysis and Book Analysis, the aim of the websites are to provide the most detail about poetry, books, novels and general literature, regardless of how popular it is or not. Knowledge is all empowering and it brings great joy that it is offered on both these websites for free.

Since then, Will has a talented team of literature experts helping him to analyse novels and poetry of the past and present. Our team genuinely love analysing literature, and love conversing with the community in the comments section of articles too, so we welcome all comments!


As well as this, we wanted to contribute back to the world through partnering up with Alzheimer’s Research. Dementia is something has impacted millions worldwide, including those that have contributed to Poem Analysis.

So every single person who browses Poem Analysis and Book Analysis deserves a big thank you, since it is directly because of you browsing that enables us to earn through advertising, to help contribute to such a charity.

The Future of Book Analysis

The future looks exciting for Book Analysis. We have many incredible ideas we are working at behind the scenes to make the content better, the website better and improve the overall experience of understanding poetry from around the world. Stay tuned!

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